MTI changes lives… Nicole’s testimony

My name is Nicole Carvalho (previously Simmonds), I have an incredible husband, Daniel and together we have a gorgeous little boy. We currently live in Johannesburg, South Africa.

On the 26th of March 2020 (My birthday), South Africa decided to go into a ‘Stage 5 lockdown’. (Thanks Mr President) We were given a week’s notice of the lockdown and at the time, were in the process of finishing touches on a second restaurant. Despite the circumstances, we had to rush to open our doors, even for a couple of days to be able to cover salaries for this period. We had also been trying to build up a commercial supply bakery that supplied restaurants which I had started when my son was four months old.

Understanding that part of the Stage 5 regulations was the closing of restaurants with immediate effect and no take-aways, we were shattered. Practically overnight everything we had worked for went up in smoke and the aftermath came with little hope of a better tomorrow and no income.

I was so desperate and overwhelmed by our challenges that I was pulling at strings. I tried to sell hand sanitizers to no avail, after enduring the cost to manufacture when I’d seen a gap in the market. But by the time the bottles were ready to sell, I’d lost my entry point. I ended up not selling a single bottle and handed them out to a few of my neighbours (along with the last restaurant order that was rejected and I was left with 30 odd loaves.) I’d tried to get clients in other industries but the extent to which businesses were affected was not limited to us alone, we all felt it.

My band-aid solutions had fallen through and I was stuck, we had no backup plan, we had nowhere to turn, we had maxed ourselves out with loans to get the restaurant operational and I knew that come month-end, we had bills to pay.

Every supplier and every account we could not pay would result in the next supplier not being able to keep their commitments could affect so many more people. It weighed heavily on me to know that I would be the cause of this domino effect and that I had no ability to change it.

I turned as many of us do to ‘Make Money Online’ web searches and eventually YouTube as well. I stumbled across a video that my uncle had made, (the same uncle who was broke and selling his belongings to pay rent in the beginning of the previous year and 6 months later semi-retired in Italy) which explained the business that he had started working with.

After watching his video and countless hours of research, I dove in to start building my business and finding like-minded people who were in similar situations to start earning money. Whether they wanted to create an income or just earn from the profits from the daily trading.

It took a bit of time to get on my feet and I must say: yes, the rewards may not have been instant, but sticking with it because we had the long-term goals in mind, and my family needing hope again is what kept me going.

Today we are 100% covering our monthly expenses purely from the profits of growing our bitcoin that we’ve been able to build up. This company has honestly and sustainably given us the opportunity to create a residual income and the freedom to define our future.

I am grateful to have experienced what we did in order to see the true beauty in what we are doing. We are dreaming again, of places we’d like to visit and experiences we’d like to have once the travel ban is eventually lifted. Our spirits are high and full of hope again as we embark on this next chapter.

I know that right now your situation may seem dim and you can’t possibly imagine a light at the end of the tunnel, just remember that the struggles that you currently face are only temporary. You decide if you are going to accept them as your own, or overcome them.

Today, I am in a position to share what I did and how you too can make a difference in your circumstances that can lead to changing your tomorrow.

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3 Responses to MTI changes lives… Nicole’s testimony

  1. Thanks. The post was inspiring and encouraging. Would love get more.


  2. MANINI says:

    I like that strong testimony and the believe in you .


  3. Alrisa Nell says:

    Agv die grendeltyd het my werk ook tot stilstand gekom en is tans op die helfte van my salaris. Ek was baie skepties, aangesien ek in die verlede geld verloor het agv verkeerde besluite. MTI is egter ‘n reddingsboei wat baie van ons deur dié tyd dra!


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