My efforts are not getting results… This is frustrating!

I have just had a team member contact me and they said the following:

I’ve spoken to 37 people and only got 5 people to join. Everyone agrees this is a wonderful system but they just don’t go to the registration part. I do follow ups and told them I will not bother them again. They must contact me once they are ready. Was that a mistake?
So frustrating.

Firstly speaking to 37 people and getting 5 people to join is an amazing achievement. The average person will get approximately 1 person to join for every 10 people they speak to, so this is a fantastic result.

This member did not mention that he has not even been in the business for a month yet and he already has 11 people in his weakest leg!

Doing follow ups is great, but allowing people to contact you when they are ready is a great approach, as it tells the people you have spoken to that you are not desperate. That is no mistake and it allows you to focus on finding other people to speak to.

It is vitally important to remember that consistency creates results. As you will see in this member’s case, the momentum that was created in the first month is already duplicating in his team.

The frustrating part is that we are building a weekly residual income and the results may not be impressive yet, but over time the results will astound you. As Eric Worre says ‘It’s gonna take some time. This isn’t Get-Rich-Quick, but it is ‘Get Rich’.


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