CONSISTENCY – Not just your average OPPORTUNITY

Success is predictable when you are consistent… This is a simple statement that is easily misunderstood by the average person.

This reminds me of a book by John Mason called ‘An Enemy Called Average’. At school it was acceptable to get an average result, and if you are slightly about average that is okay. However, if you are clever you are not accepted by the group who are average, and thus you become the outsider.

The time has arrived to stop thinking like the rest of the SHEEPLE (those who find comfort in the average and strive to never stand out), find your path and surprise yourself. You need to be different and do it consistently. This will open you up to the possibility of success.

What am I talking about? Firstly people love the idea of success and they absolutely love having a title, but consistency is more often than not the missing ingredient.

I recently asked a group of people if they would like to be a leader and many responded with excitement. Then I gave everyone who responded a simple task. All they needed to do was to post the daily results on the WhatsApp groups they belonged to. Some started with the same enthusiasm they responded with, and others obviously had never heard of servant leadership and considered the task too menial for a leader to do. Within 7 days even the enthusiastic failed to be consistent, and most had completely stopped.

Success is a funny thing and it does not respect the fact that you may be clever or full of self importance. Success is a hard master and it will only reward you if you can start doing simple things that no one else considers to be exciting or important, and the only rule that needs to be followed is to be consistent.

Average is always your enemy and the only way you can be better than average is to be consistent.

If you are wondering and worrying about the people who will judge you for being different, then you have resigned yourself to the lie that you will never be successful. Some people feel threatened by your success and would rather see you fail. I strongly suggest that you distance yourself from the friends and family who judge you in such a way. As Steve Maraboli advises ‘No need to cut people off, just grow and they will fall off.’


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