PRESS RELEASE: Mirror Trading International Clears the Air on Scam Allegations

Within the crypto ecosystem, there’s one project that has been unjustly subjected to scrupulous criticism and outright slander more than any other. A project that has been constantly attacked both by well-meaning but misinformed people, and by openly competing and even hostile parties, such as the providers of outdated financial services and government regulators. A project that has been the target of professional vendors of Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt. That project is, of course, Bitcoin. But smaller projects within the blockchain ecosystem, such as South African crypto company, Mirror Trading International, were subjected to similar attacks that always seem to start when opponents of cryptocurrencies notice a project’s success at furthering the spread of blockchain technology.

Mirror Trading International is a registered South African company, regulated by the consumer protection Act, founded by a team of Forex veterans and experts, who decided to transition into the blockchain ecosystem when they realized the immense potential held by Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in general. MTI offers trading services and clearly states that it is not a financial advisory company. It is one of the many projects emerging within the decentralized finance space, offering new socio-economic possibilities, with low barriers, to millions of people around the world who have found themselves oppressed under the current financial system dominated by centralized intermediaries such as banks and regulators. Unfortunately, technological progress makes these centralized parties uneasy, as they begin to realize that more people gaining financial freedom with blockchain technology, means a revolution which goes against their egoistic interests.

That’s the story behind the attacks on Bitcoin, Mirror Trading International, and almost every other successful cryptocurrency project out there. And MTI is a success story indeed. They have over 150,000 active members, and have been able to provide each of them with an average daily profit of 0.49% (september 2019 to June 2020) – all while openly admitting that the historic data is purely indicative of the past trading results, and without making any unsubstantiated promises and guarantees of future results.

Besides the usual fear, uncertainty and doubt, spread by the people who have an interest in opposing the adoption of cryptocurrencies, the cause of all these unsupported attacks aimed at Mirror Trading International is still incomprehensible. Ironically, the main source of misinformation directed at MTI were competing Forex companies who missed the opportunity to advance into the blockchain ecosystem themselves or were much less successful at it than MTI. Other sources of misinformation came from centralized regulators in the US and Canada, with little prior knowledge of the legitimate regulatory structure behind MTI.

Those who have an opposing view on blockchain technology will in due time come to understand and appreciate the infrastructure of such companies, and MTI in particular. But until then, for everyone else, there’s enough information to make decisions for themselves. The only question is, who to trust: competing Forex companies and professional crypto-sceptics employed by centralized regulators, or thousands of actual members who vocalize their positive experiences with Mirror Trading International?

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  1. Laurice says:

    Agreed – 110% with what you’ve written!!!


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