Don’t diversify… FOCUS

Have you ever heard the words ‘You should diversify?’ and was your initial reaction ‘oh that seems like a good idea!’

Let me ask you a straight question, why is someone telling you to diversify? Are you becoming successful at what you are doing or are you failing? Remember that when people say things to you, they do not always have your best interest at heart. Sometimes parents give this advice to children when they are too focused on one particular thing, for example art or music. Usually the parents do not think that it will be a good career path for the child, because they don’t think there is much money in that.

Most of the time the idea that you should be diversifying is advice that is given when someone thinks you will make more money than them, and the advice is in the hope that you will in fact make less money than they do. The bottom line on most of the advice around diversification is that it is more rooted in jealousy than in actual good sound advice.

Remember people do not always like you and those who we think are our friends are only comfortable with us if we keep the same social status. Therefore if they think we are going to become successful they will often give us limiting advice out of jealousy, that is strategically manipulated to keep us exactly where we have always been.

Likewise the people out there in the world ‘who are definitely not your friends’ will give you advice that will keep you in the same place you have always been.

Getting back to the subject of diversification, imagine trying to be a great Football or ‘Soccer’ player and a great Rugby player at the same time. You could try this but you would probably never reach the very top level as you have not focused on what you actually want. You cannot put your egg in two baskets!

Why do people say you should diversify? The luxury of diversification is what successful people have and they will tell this lie as many times as possible so that you can lose your focus, thus allowing them to remain above you in the hierarchy of life. If you are becoming successful, that means they will need to work harder to keep their status, it is much easier to encourage you to lose focus.

Make a choice today about what you are going to do, decide on the one thing that you believe will bring you success.

If you desire any type of success you need to focus 100% on what you have chosen and then work until you have reached the level of success that you determined as your initial goal.

Once you are successful you can have the luxury of your own choices and at that stage you will be resilient enough to understand the intentions of others.

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2 Responses to Don’t diversify… FOCUS

  1. Jannie Steenkamp says:

    Exactly what is happening in this world Rich!


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