The Wake Up Call

By Chris Mac, 27-09-2020

After so many years in an industry where the media was needed to promote certain products to achieve selling success, I started questioning the legitimacy of news headlining the media, and that is media in general. Yes, I have in fact dealt with them for many years!!!

Ever since most things (at least in terms of news and communication) became digital such as Music, Movies, Media, Socialising and Information Spreading, it became clear to me how anything and even perhaps all things are manipulated to an extend where the average human don’t know how to form his/her own opinion on somethings and perhaps all things!

The indoctrination of the monetary system by using its media puppets became the gatekeepers and the slaves will remain inside the city not even questioning why or when or what. It became easy for humans to simply follow the order of these systems put in place by never dare questioning the true culprits behind it… (Or it’s legitimacy by any means)

Sadly the media plays you like fiddles till you believe they are saints…

I’ve NEVER trusted free news or any news for that matter!!!

It’s freely shared as it obviously states, anyone can visit and read free of charge… The logical question then should be, what separates any media from Facebook and Twitter? Do you think any of the mentions makes any proper use of real news investigators?? Can you guess the answer?……… If you think yes, Think again!!! Remember the word puppeteers…

PS: News is simply another Godless company earning money on your ignorance. Ignorance is the best income in the world! It creates stupid people and has millions of ignorant followers…

Growing up, I remember my dad teaching me how to look with my own eyes, and not be conformed to the opinions of others… Sadly most people are unable to look through their own eyes and find answers and facts for themselves. But why is that? Simply put, this is how most people have been conditioned, being unable to look though their own eyes but only through the eyes of the monetary paid media.

The question you need ask yourselves is: Am I strong enough to overcome them, Or am simply going to follow them like sheep?

Sadly most people are unable to use their own eyes and ears to make up their own minds, hence the reason most people will remain in media/monetary slavery. Slavery has a price, so does freedom. Are you the reader a slave or a free human? only you can choose your destiny!!! Not even my words and facts can change your minds, only you can.

Going on for 10 pages more would truly not be difficult, but to what end? The rabbit hole goes deeper than you think, and as time passes, I’m sure it’ll become clear how the puppets do everything the puppeteers instruct them to do, write and say…


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1 Response to The Wake Up Call

  1. Johan Kruger says:

    When people realize what the true role of the media and social media is playing in the world, they would remove it from their lives. The truth is rarely found on search engines, media publications and absolutely NEVER found on social media. These platforms are only productive to distort the truth through gossip, hearsay and people trying their best to discredit their competition.

    The ONLY way to the truth is self exploration and self involvement. Like the saying goes “The proof lies in the TASTE of the pudding” and NOT the opinion of a distorted realities people creates through their own likes and dislikes.

    Thank you so much for this amazing truth Rich & Chris Mac.


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