Is there one key that could unlock my success?

Success is made up of many things and trying to identify the most important facets is always difficult. However, one idea comes to mind, and that is ‘discipline’.

Discipline in all areas of our lives would definitely be a major contributor to our success, but because success is often associated with money, what would that one critical discipline be when it comes to money?

Saving is the simple answer. Starting to save, if you have not already, is a perfect way to create discipline in your life.

How do I start saving? – Decide how much you would like to save. Perhaps you are wanting to create an Emergency Fund that will be there in times of real emergencies. Having this type of fund is something you will never regret. Determine how much needs to be in this account and then decide how much you are willing to save on a monthly basis. Stick to your decision. Keeping your own agreement is the start of discipline and you will be amazed at how easy it is once you start.

Don’t delay, just start even if it is a smaller sum than you first decided. You will develop the ability to add more and get to your goal once you have begun.

Develop consistency – When we are able to be consistent, we have developed discipline. Once you have proven to yourself you can be consistent and you have reached the goal for your emergency fund, you can start looking at others areas that need attention. Perhaps you would consider paying off debts quicker and saving for other things you have thought about.

When you are able to be consistent, success becomes predictable

Create you own rules and guidelines – Discipline is not just about achieving things, it takes a great deal more self control to maintain what you have accumulated. You will be tempted to spend the money in your Emergency Fund and you need to define the things in your life that would constitute an emergency. If it is not an emergency by your definition, you need to have an agreement with yourself that you will not dip into your emergency fund.

When you have decided what would be considered an emergency, you may realise that you need to create other saving funds to deal with the other unforeseen things which may include maintenance, repairs and replacement of household items, tyres for the car, money for your children’s school excursions and sporting goods. You may even consider starting a holiday savings or a saving that will help others in need.

Yes, there is more to success than just simply starting to save, but we should never overlook the small steps we take that create habits. A habit forms part of our character, and ultimately becomes our destiny.

When simplified, the Principles of Success are all about discipline… Will you have the discipline to begin implementing things that could change your life forever?

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