How to fail… The simple guide

I have the privilege of working with hundreds of people on a weekly basis, I also know that everyone I meet has the potential for success in them. The reality is that most of these people will never become successful. You may think that I am being judgemental, harsh and so rude to observe people like that. You may ask why I think like this.

Well the answer to me is very clear, these people have one thing in common that inhibits their success… That one thing is greed and because of this they believe that in some way they are entitled to success.

No, unfortunately success comes from thinking about others and putting them first, instead of thinking about yourself and what you can get. Stop thinking WIIFM? I am reminded of the words of Zig Ziglar who said ‘“You will get all you want in life, if you help enough other people get what they want.”

The simple guide to failure is to be greedy, if you are not achieving the success you think you deserve, perhaps it is time to do some introspection


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Crypto and Digital Currencies Explained

by Trish Harris the original post was published on

What are Cryptocurrencies?

A cryptocurrency is an asset used as a means of exchanging. It is considered reliable because it’s based on cryptography.

One of the cryptography’s primary objectives is communications and how to make them secure. It creates and analyses the algorithms and protocols so no information is changed or interrupted during the conversation by any third party. Cryptography is a mix of a large number of different sciences, with mathematics as the basis. It’s maths that attaches the severity and reliability to algorithms and protocols.

Cryptocurrencies use blockchain and a decentralised ledger. This means that no supervisory authority controls all the actions in the network.

What are Digital Currencies?

Digital money exists only in the digital form, this means that it doesn’t have any physical equivalent in the real world. Nevertheless, it has all the characteristics of traditional money. Just as with classic Fiat money, you can obtain, transfer or exchange it for another currency. You can use it to pay for goods and services. Digital currencies don’t have geographical or political borders; transactions might be sent from any place and received at any point in the world.

Core Differences between the Two?

Even though cryptocurrency is a type of digital currency, there are some fundamental differences between these and digital currencies.

1) Structure – Digital currencies are centralised, meaning that the transactions in the network are regulated by a particular group of people and computers.

Cryptocurrencies are conversely decentralised and the regulations are made by the majority of the community.

2) Anonymity – Digital currencies require user identification. You would be required to verify your identity with sufficient documentation issued by public authorities.

Buying, investing etc with cryptocurrencies do not require this. However, cryptocurrencies aren’t fully anonymous. Though the addresses do not contain any confidential or personal information, each transactions is registered, the senders and receivers are publicly known, thus all transactions can be tracked on the blockchain.

3) Transparency – Digital currencies are not transparent. You cannot choose the address of the wallet and see all of the money transfers. The information is confidential.

Cryptocurrencies are totally transparent. Anyone can see any transactions of any user, since all revenue streams are placed on the public blockchain.

4) Transaction – Digital currencies have a central authority that controls
manipulation transactions. It can cancel or freeze transactions upon the request of the participant or authorities or on suspicion of fraud or money-laundering.

Cryptocurrencies are regulated by the community, and it is very unlikely that the users will approve changes in the Blockchain.

5) Legal Aspects – Most countries have some legal framework  for digital Currencies, albeit they’re in their infancy. 

Currently, Cryptocurrencies are unregulated. In most countries, their official status is still undefined. This is sure to change in the not too distant future.

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The Wake Up Call

By Chris Mac, 27-09-2020

After so many years in an industry where the media was needed to promote certain products to achieve selling success, I started questioning the legitimacy of news headlining the media, and that is media in general. Yes, I have in fact dealt with them for many years!!!

Ever since most things (at least in terms of news and communication) became digital such as Music, Movies, Media, Socialising and Information Spreading, it became clear to me how anything and even perhaps all things are manipulated to an extend where the average human don’t know how to form his/her own opinion on somethings and perhaps all things!

The indoctrination of the monetary system by using its media puppets became the gatekeepers and the slaves will remain inside the city not even questioning why or when or what. It became easy for humans to simply follow the order of these systems put in place by never dare questioning the true culprits behind it… (Or it’s legitimacy by any means)

Sadly the media plays you like fiddles till you believe they are saints…

I’ve NEVER trusted free news or any news for that matter!!!

It’s freely shared as it obviously states, anyone can visit and read free of charge… The logical question then should be, what separates any media from Facebook and Twitter? Do you think any of the mentions makes any proper use of real news investigators?? Can you guess the answer?……… If you think yes, Think again!!! Remember the word puppeteers…

PS: News is simply another Godless company earning money on your ignorance. Ignorance is the best income in the world! It creates stupid people and has millions of ignorant followers…

Growing up, I remember my dad teaching me how to look with my own eyes, and not be conformed to the opinions of others… Sadly most people are unable to look through their own eyes and find answers and facts for themselves. But why is that? Simply put, this is how most people have been conditioned, being unable to look though their own eyes but only through the eyes of the monetary paid media.

The question you need ask yourselves is: Am I strong enough to overcome them, Or am simply going to follow them like sheep?

Sadly most people are unable to use their own eyes and ears to make up their own minds, hence the reason most people will remain in media/monetary slavery. Slavery has a price, so does freedom. Are you the reader a slave or a free human? only you can choose your destiny!!! Not even my words and facts can change your minds, only you can.

Going on for 10 pages more would truly not be difficult, but to what end? The rabbit hole goes deeper than you think, and as time passes, I’m sure it’ll become clear how the puppets do everything the puppeteers instruct them to do, write and say…


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(Press Release) Introducing Mirror Trading International: Next Generation Of Smart Trading

Mirror Trading International is a registered South African company, regulated by the Consumer Protection Act, founded by a team of forex and crypto veterans and experts.

When the Forex market first heard about Bitcoin, the community was disinterested, sceptical or outright hostile towards this new, revolutionary technology aimed at disrupting the global financial system.

But for the founders of MTI, it was the opposite: they immediately realized the great potential cryptocurrencies have to offer, and started working towards the paradigm shift in the world of finance.

MTI is a company with a clearly defined mission: furthering the adoption of blockchain technology by delivering Bitcoin earning opportunities to a wider audience.

The way in which Mirror Trading International achieves this goal is to grow your bitcoin as easily and effortlessly as possible, enabling people with no crypto experience or technical knowledge to get involved in bitcoin trading strategies.

With blockchain technology being so foreign for most, how do projects increase adoption whilst giving people an opportunity to grow their portfolio?

MTI is working towards that precise goal. With a minimum initial investment of $100 worth of bitcoin, Mirror Trading International uses exclusive strategies and trading bots that provide a steady revenue to MTI members.

According to the data collected between September 2019 and June 2020, MTI was able to bestow their users with an average daily profit of 0.49%. So far, Mirror Trading International has over 160,000 active members, who vocalize their positive experiences across several social media platforms.

A transparent platform delivering growth, bonus and profit share has written MTI’s story of a massive success. However, great earning opportunities didn’t stop the team from furthering the growth of the business.

MTI has created a dedicated Member’s Portal which allows every member to communicate personally with the founders and team, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Among many features of MTI’s Member’s Portal are an abundance of downloadable content, such as unique educational and informative materials, and regular Zoom calls with industry leaders, veteran traders, and blockchain experts.

Gaining a large following was a milestone, but sustaining them into a tight-knit community through these special characteristics, is what makes Mirror Trading International so unique.

MTI’s pool of members is growing rapidly everyday and the company’s status has already changed from being distinguished locally to globally renowned.

MTI’s rapid growth is owed to the team’s vision of growth opportunities for people of all backgrounds, and to provide them with premier educational exposure while maintaining their brand promise to “grow your bitcoin”.

(Syndicated Content)

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Don’t diversify… FOCUS

Have you ever heard the words ‘You should diversify?’ and was your initial reaction ‘oh that seems like a good idea!’

Let me ask you a straight question, why is someone telling you to diversify? Are you becoming successful at what you are doing or are you failing? Remember that when people say things to you, they do not always have your best interest at heart. Sometimes parents give this advice to children when they are too focused on one particular thing, for example art or music. Usually the parents do not think that it will be a good career path for the child, because they don’t think there is much money in that.

Most of the time the idea that you should be diversifying is advice that is given when someone thinks you will make more money than them, and the advice is in the hope that you will in fact make less money than they do. The bottom line on most of the advice around diversification is that it is more rooted in jealousy than in actual good sound advice.

Remember people do not always like you and those who we think are our friends are only comfortable with us if we keep the same social status. Therefore if they think we are going to become successful they will often give us limiting advice out of jealousy, that is strategically manipulated to keep us exactly where we have always been.

Likewise the people out there in the world ‘who are definitely not your friends’ will give you advice that will keep you in the same place you have always been.

Getting back to the subject of diversification, imagine trying to be a great Football or ‘Soccer’ player and a great Rugby player at the same time. You could try this but you would probably never reach the very top level as you have not focused on what you actually want. You cannot put your egg in two baskets!

Why do people say you should diversify? The luxury of diversification is what successful people have and they will tell this lie as many times as possible so that you can lose your focus, thus allowing them to remain above you in the hierarchy of life. If you are becoming successful, that means they will need to work harder to keep their status, it is much easier to encourage you to lose focus.

Make a choice today about what you are going to do, decide on the one thing that you believe will bring you success.

If you desire any type of success you need to focus 100% on what you have chosen and then work until you have reached the level of success that you determined as your initial goal.

Once you are successful you can have the luxury of your own choices and at that stage you will be resilient enough to understand the intentions of others.

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The MTI Ranking System

On the 1st of September 2020 Mirror Trading International released their Ranking System. My first reaction and that of many members was that it is nothing else other than bragging rights…

I have a saying that goes as follows: We all think, but very few people think about what they think about when they think. This is about taking thoughts captive and asking yourself if there is more to an idea than what you are thinking. Well, in this case there turns out to be a lot more thinking than just bragging rights.

Ranking levels are primarily based on the Bitcoin volume of your weakest binary leg, please do yourself a favour and read till the end of this article where you will discover the true value of the binary in MTI.

The ranking levels are Novice, Toro, Toro Bravo, Matador, Gladiator and Master. Before you jump on your high horse about the Matador status, please do not worry we are not killing anything, except perhaps ‘debt’! Now let’s unpack these 6 levels.


No one wants to be a Novice, but we all need to start somewhere. In our business we need to learn and experience the system. Firstly you are growing your Bitcoin and you will gain this experience in a few weeks of being in the system. You will be able to answer questions for yourself like what is the average growth, how and when the daily results get added to your back office. If you dig a bit deeper you will start to understand the back office.

Being a novice is about learning and how you can advance to the next level quickly. The MTI YouTube channel will provide you with most of the knowledge you need. Of course the choice is yours… will you be learning about the business and how you can get yourself to the next level or is Netflix paying you handsomely to waste your time? Life is indeed about choices.

While we are on the subject of learning, please make sure you join the official MTI Telegram group so that you do not miss any important company announcements and updates.

TORO (Weaker Leg Volume of 10 Bitcoin)

Toro is the Italian word for Bull and becoming a bull is not an easy task. Simply put, it will not be easy to buy the title by selling a chunk of or possibly everything you own. It is definitely a title that will require more than just a bit of work.

In my opinion this will be the hardest level to reach out of all the ranking levels and my advice here is to break the goal down into bite size pieces. Make your initial goal to get one Bitcoin in your weakest leg in your first month in the business, then get to five bitcoin within 3 months and your 10 Bitcoin target will be within reach. If you are highly motivated and are prepared to commit (or you just have no other choice) then this goal could be achieved within 90 days.

At this level you may remember those who said you could not do it and have a moment’s silence for them, this will probably be the last time you are ever going to think about those losers. The people that decided to wait and see if it works, well if they were not intelligent enough to notice you on your way to becoming a Toro, then forget about them as they are just too stupid to notice now, in my opinion.

The Toro level may be the first in the ranking recognition system, but it is by no means a small achievement, it is huge.

TORO BRAVO (Weaker Leg Volume of 50 Bitcoin)

Translated it means Good Bull, you have done a brilliant job!

That is no understatement, you are now earning enough to settle all your debts and you will soon be financially free if you are not there already.

This is the level that changes your lifestyle. Dreams are no longer just dreams, they have become achievable and you will find that you actually don’t have enough dreams.

MATADOR (Weaker Leg Volume of 100 Bitcoin)

Matador is the name, but no you won’t be facing bulls, except those you are helping on the road to freedom. Perhaps it is a great opportunity to take your red cape and wave it around…encourage the new guys, the bulls, and the good bulls to come forward to your level.

As a Matador you would have certainly reached the level of earning where you are slaying any debt you may have and will more than likely achieve true financial freedom.

GLADIATOR (Weaker Leg Volume of 500 Bitcoin)

The original Gladiators were revered and highly respected, at this level you will have a lifestyle that few could ever experience.

MASTER (Weaker Leg Volume of 1000 Bitcoin)

At this level you have most definitely mastered the MTI business, and with this weaker leg volume you are close to the weekly binary capped earnings of $75000 or could be there already depending on the current Bitcoin price.

Being a Master comes with certain responsibilities and you would probably decide those are to make a difference in the lives of those less fortunate than yourself. Perhaps you will start a foundation to help the poor or find a cause that looks after the planet and the animals. Choices at this level are numerous and who knows, you may even just be a greedy Uncle Scrooge, but I certainly would not recommend that path.

I know you have read this article thus far and the following was the only bit of information that will be universally valuable to all MTI members, so here it is:

The true value of the MTI binary bonus.

This is what many MTI members fail to understand or perhaps it is just something they never stopped to think about: The weekly binary bonuses paid by the system are reoccurring and that the binary does not flush.

To clarify: binary bonuses are paid on the Bitcoin volume in your weaker leg. These are paid every week. In the next few years you will have earned the equivalent of your weaker leg volume! By building a team, you have really created a weekly residual income for yourself.

Now that you have the thinking behind the Ranking system, you can use it for more than just bragging rights!

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PRESS RELEASE: Mirror Trading International Clears the Air on Scam Allegations

Within the crypto ecosystem, there’s one project that has been unjustly subjected to scrupulous criticism and outright slander more than any other. A project that has been constantly attacked both by well-meaning but misinformed people, and by openly competing and even hostile parties, such as the providers of outdated financial services and government regulators. A project that has been the target of professional vendors of Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt. That project is, of course, Bitcoin. But smaller projects within the blockchain ecosystem, such as South African crypto company, Mirror Trading International, were subjected to similar attacks that always seem to start when opponents of cryptocurrencies notice a project’s success at furthering the spread of blockchain technology.

Mirror Trading International is a registered South African company, regulated by the consumer protection Act, founded by a team of Forex veterans and experts, who decided to transition into the blockchain ecosystem when they realized the immense potential held by Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in general. MTI offers trading services and clearly states that it is not a financial advisory company. It is one of the many projects emerging within the decentralized finance space, offering new socio-economic possibilities, with low barriers, to millions of people around the world who have found themselves oppressed under the current financial system dominated by centralized intermediaries such as banks and regulators. Unfortunately, technological progress makes these centralized parties uneasy, as they begin to realize that more people gaining financial freedom with blockchain technology, means a revolution which goes against their egoistic interests.

That’s the story behind the attacks on Bitcoin, Mirror Trading International, and almost every other successful cryptocurrency project out there. And MTI is a success story indeed. They have over 150,000 active members, and have been able to provide each of them with an average daily profit of 0.49% (september 2019 to June 2020) – all while openly admitting that the historic data is purely indicative of the past trading results, and without making any unsubstantiated promises and guarantees of future results.

Besides the usual fear, uncertainty and doubt, spread by the people who have an interest in opposing the adoption of cryptocurrencies, the cause of all these unsupported attacks aimed at Mirror Trading International is still incomprehensible. Ironically, the main source of misinformation directed at MTI were competing Forex companies who missed the opportunity to advance into the blockchain ecosystem themselves or were much less successful at it than MTI. Other sources of misinformation came from centralized regulators in the US and Canada, with little prior knowledge of the legitimate regulatory structure behind MTI.

Those who have an opposing view on blockchain technology will in due time come to understand and appreciate the infrastructure of such companies, and MTI in particular. But until then, for everyone else, there’s enough information to make decisions for themselves. The only question is, who to trust: competing Forex companies and professional crypto-sceptics employed by centralized regulators, or thousands of actual members who vocalize their positive experiences with Mirror Trading International?

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Why do we fear success?

The seeds of success are in all of us, yet we fear success more than we fear being poor! How is this even possible you may ask yourself? The answer often lies in our belief about ourselves and it started when we were very young. Besides growing up and hearing ‘NO’ thousands of times before we were 6 years old, we were always conditioned to fit in and never stand out. As a result we became just another average person.

Two things determine our success, firstly the opinion of others and then the opinion we have of ourselves.

It is truly a shame that the opinion of others control us in the way that it does. The first step to success is to stop believing your own thoughts about the opinions of others. The reality is they are so self absorbed that they are thinking of themselves and not you. If they did think of you, realise they don’t care about you and they are jealous of your potential. Yes we all have enormous potential, and if we can subdue that potential in others (which we do without realising it), they in-turn do the same and subdue our potential. We then think we are happy and unchallenged living average lives. That is the lie we live more often than not!

I don’t like rejection, can I become successful and avoid rejection? No you will need to face your fear of rejection. Firstly you will get rejected, embrace it as this is the only way you will ever learn. It is criticism, rejection and failure that cause us to grow, not the positive things like acceptance. When we are rejected we have two choices: 1) Go back to being average or 2) Learn and move on, realise that those who have rejected you have actually helped you, but they are not your people and that you will discover better friends and relationships.

Family and friends are your worst enemy when it comes to success. They don’t always consciously mean to be bad, but subconsciously they are jealous and like you to be average or a little less they they are. Don’t despise them for this, remember that they are unaware of their negativity towards you, as they are intrinsically lazy and your potential success will be a reflection on their inability to get into action and attain success. There is nothing you can do but to distance yourself as far as possible from these negative people in your life and in some cases you may need to cut all ties.

It may not always be possible to cut this type of person out of your life completely, so then you will need to recognise their narrow-mindedness for what it is, forgive it, but do not let it deter you from your own path. People who know you, or think they know you, will have placed you in some sort of box in their mind. When we climb out of this box, it makes people uncomfortable, and they can react negatively towards you, and either shun you or try to belittle you, so that you shrink back and fit into their silly box again. Again, I advise you not to fall into this trap. Stand firm, and keep your eye on your horizon. There’s no box that you need to fit in!

Success has its costs and you will need to pay the price of success along the way. Now that we have the negative friends and family out the way, let’s look at the other big influence in our lives… The media and the propaganda in the world.

Focus on your own success and what you need to achieve, watching television and reading the news is not going to contribute to your success in the slightest so ignore it. Just in case you think you will miss out, I promise you the negativity of what’s happening in the world will find you via the friends and family you forgot to cut out of your life, so always measure your friends and family by what they add to your life and not by the negativity they wish to share with you. Remember misery wants you as its friend.

Now that we have dealt with the opinion of others, let’s focus on the opinion we have of ourselves. If we are honest we probably think that we are not made for success, that we are too old, not clever enough or another million excuses that we can think of. This is because we are scared of our own potential and rightfully so, we are afraid of anything we don’t know. I can promise you that your potential is going to scare you and people will dislike you when you are reaching your potential, but that is their problem and never yours.

Will you make a decision to be successful, I mean a real decision that will scare you?

If that is your decision, don’t start with an excuse saying you don’t know what to do or how to do it. First start with cleaning out the friends and family who have no place in your life, then make a decision to accept you own potential and get on the road to success. You don’t need the approval of others to live the life that was intended for you.

I wish you every success, and a life without boxes or restraints.


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Banks can now hold crypto – this is the tipping point!

by Trish Harris the original post was published on

In the year 2000, Malcolm Gladwell wrote the now world-famous book ‘The Tipping Point: How Little Things Can Make a Big Difference.’

In it, he used a series of interesting stories to show how ideas and behaviours spread.

If you’re not familiar with the book, here’s its blurb:

“In this brilliant and original book, Malcolm Gladwell explains and analyses the ‘tipping point’, that magic moment when ideas, trends and social behaviour cross a threshold, tip and spread like wildfire. Taking a look behind the surface of many familiar occurrences in our everyday world, Gladwell explains the fascinating social dynamics that cause rapid change.”

So the “tipping point” is basically when an idea suddenly goes mainstream; or “goes viral”, as we’d say today. We have just hit the tipping point of mainstream cryptocurrency adoption.

This week, everything changed for crypto, and there is no doubt that this is the tipping point. This is the moment where investing in crypto will become as common as investing in stocks, shares and savings accounts.

What’s changed?

The US government just declared that national banks can offer crypto custody services to their clients. So basically, it’s now legal for US banks to provide crypto custody services to the public.

You may be wondering why this is such a big deal. Well, it’s this event that’s just turned crypto into a mainstream investment that is as safe and easy to store as stocks and cash. What this means is, anyone will be able to walk into their bank and buy, sell, store and trade crypto. This is huge.

One of the stumbling blocks for BTC – and crypto in general – is that it is very technological, and therefore quite daunting for most people. If crypto is ever to reach true mainstream adoption, it needs to be as easy to invest in and as safe to store as stocks are today.

This is going to make crypto as easy to invest in as stocks

Most mainstream investors don’t have a clue about how the companies they invest in actually work, how their investment is put to use or what – if any – safeguards are in place to protect their investment. And they don’t need to.

Ask the average Amazon investor what percentage of Amazon’s revenue it spends on logistics and warehousing… or which computer system it uses to keep track of its orders… or what the total compensation of its directors is, and you’ll draw a blank.

They don’t need to know that. All they need to know is that it’s making money, is managed well, and is wiping the floor with its competitors… and that its share price has been on a tear recently.

If they want to invest in it, they just call up their broker, or log into their brokerage account, and buy Amazon shares. Their broker takes care of the rest.

Once banks begin offering crypto custody services, the same will be true of investing in crypto.

Anyone will be able to call up their bank, or log into their online account, and buy £500 of bitcoin. It will then just appear on their account, along with their other investments.

Once big traditional banks start offering their own custody services, we could see a rush to capture the market. That’s going to mean a lot of crypto trading going on behind the scenes, and likely some big price movements, too.

You might ask why would the banks provide a service and a product which, actually, goes against everything they stand for? Well, they know that BTC is here to stay and it is going to be big. The services they would offer will of course be provided for a (most likely) hefty fee, and if the banks are profiting by their customers holding crypto, it will be in their interests to promote it. And banks are experts when it comes to marketing new money products.

So, if this really does prove to be the tipping point, it’s going to be a very interesting few years for all of crypto.

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CONSISTENCY – Not just your average OPPORTUNITY

Success is predictable when you are consistent… This is a simple statement that is easily misunderstood by the average person.

This reminds me of a book by John Mason called ‘An Enemy Called Average’. At school it was acceptable to get an average result, and if you are slightly about average that is okay. However, if you are clever you are not accepted by the group who are average, and thus you become the outsider.

The time has arrived to stop thinking like the rest of the SHEEPLE (those who find comfort in the average and strive to never stand out), find your path and surprise yourself. You need to be different and do it consistently. This will open you up to the possibility of success.

What am I talking about? Firstly people love the idea of success and they absolutely love having a title, but consistency is more often than not the missing ingredient.

I recently asked a group of people if they would like to be a leader and many responded with excitement. Then I gave everyone who responded a simple task. All they needed to do was to post the daily results on the WhatsApp groups they belonged to. Some started with the same enthusiasm they responded with, and others obviously had never heard of servant leadership and considered the task too menial for a leader to do. Within 7 days even the enthusiastic failed to be consistent, and most had completely stopped.

Success is a funny thing and it does not respect the fact that you may be clever or full of self importance. Success is a hard master and it will only reward you if you can start doing simple things that no one else considers to be exciting or important, and the only rule that needs to be followed is to be consistent.

Average is always your enemy and the only way you can be better than average is to be consistent.

If you are wondering and worrying about the people who will judge you for being different, then you have resigned yourself to the lie that you will never be successful. Some people feel threatened by your success and would rather see you fail. I strongly suggest that you distance yourself from the friends and family who judge you in such a way. As Steve Maraboli advises ‘No need to cut people off, just grow and they will fall off.’


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