The Disruptive Influencer, Rich Simmonds, Author, Disruptor and Challenger of the Status Quo. Consistently recognised as one of the Top20 Digital Marketing Influencers in the world. Rich is a dynamic facilitator capable of asking the different and disruptive questions that will challenge conventional thinking.

In order for communication to be effective, it needs to be simplified.

What sets Rich apart as a Social Influencer is a dynamic influence he has accumulated with a current Twitter following of 494K people – where he wields his clout with wisdom, compassion and trend-setting professional expertise.

With his powerful, paradigm-shifting ideas on leadership communication, Rich walks individuals, teams and companies through a challenging, hands-on process which liberates them from their stifling, success-blocking communication styles. He examines their unique culture of communication and then simplifying unpacks their particular pitfalls whilst simultaneously drawing out their unique strengths. The key outcome of these facilitations – beginning with the excavation of their authentic intentions – is that pro-actively transparent leadership communication systems both initiate and maintain positive relationships – which, in turn, inevitably catalyse both personal and business success.

Both of Rich’s books – the social communication / business-focused book, Mug & Tweet, and his status-quo challenging book on relationships – The 5 Night Plan, are based on the core maxim that in order for communication to be effective and relationships to thus be successful, communication needs to be simplified. In terms of teaching businesses about social media’s role in successful social communication, the intensive 30-hour/2-day Influence Communication Bootcamp is just one of the high-profile interactive tools Rich has to offer.

Rich also provided the visionary foundation for the unique Twitter success of the N3 Toll Road, lauded as ‘The World’s Most Social Road’.

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  1. Leon Di Luzio says:

    As above, spiel from the Alps
    And a challenge laid down, easy to talk, words are cheap, however to prove that what you are talking us is true, reasonable, doable, ethical is not so easy!!
    Prove it Mr R.Simmonds


    • Leon Di Luzio says:

      Telling us, not talking??


    • Hi Leon

      Thanks for your comment, and I appreciate that some of the things I have said may be difficult to comprehend, so I will explain and respond to your questions accordingly.

      ‘Your question: If you had nothing, what were you about to lose then?’ I owned nothing, as I had sold this to try and keep my head above water. I still had a car (as this is a necessity when you live in South Africa) which I was hiding so that the bank could not repossess it. We were living in rented accomodation and I was behind on my rent. So losing a car and being thrown out on the street was the looming reality.

      ‘Your next question: So how did this miraculous recovery occur? How did MTI change your life?’ Firstly I think that a miraculous recovery is impossible without work, so let me share about the work I did to get to the point where I am now.

      I joined in April 2019, I started with $80 which was actually rent money I should have paid to my landlord. An $80 start is not an investment that is just a right to earn the 10% referral commission MTI pays. Also the binaries did not start until the first week in September 2019, so the only possible income I could make was from referral commissions. I did have a slight advantage and that may be the miracle according to you and that was I had a reasonable network through my social media work.

      From April I contacted and presented the MTI opportunity to over 1000 people and by the beginning of August I had 102 people in my team, after that my team grew and by the end of November I had over 1000 people in my team. As you can see there are no miracles just hard work.

      As from the 1st of September we could finally start to plan the next phase of our lives. We had planned to move to Italy at some stage, but that was a pipe dream before MTI, this was slowly becoming a reality and at the end of November we left for Italy.

      ‘Your Question: Where you are semi retired, and spending time in the Alps??’ I have laid out what my financial situation was like, thanks to the earning we make from MTI we were able to semi-retire and we now live in Domodossola which is in northern Italy and virtually in the Alps. The video you refer to was filmed in Val Formazza about 40km north of the town we stay in.

      That is my journey with MTI so far and you are welcome to contact me and ask any questions further.

      Kind regards
      Rich Simmonds


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