RichardRuleBreaker & Change Maker, Rich Simmonds, as voted by Forbes as a ‘Top 10 Social Influencer’ in Africa and a ‘Top 50 Influencer’ in the world, has become a global specialist in Leadership Communication, Strategic Social Interventions and catalyzing and nurturing meaningful and sustained Social Change. Rich is a weekly panelist on The Leadership Platform un-radio talk show on CliffCentral.com. What sets Rich apart as a Social Influencer is the dynamic influence he has accumulated with a current Twitter following of 500K people – where he wields his clout with wisdom, compassion and trend-setting professional expertise.

With his powerful, paradigm-shifting ideas on leadership communication, Rich walks individuals, teams and companies through a challenging, hands-on process which liberates them from their stifling, success-blocking communication styles. He examines their unique culture of communication and then simplifyingly unpacks their particular pitfalls whilst simultaneously drawing out their unique strengths. The key outcome of these facilitations – beginning with the excavation of their authentic intentions – is that pro-actively transparent leadership communication systems both initiate and maintain positive relationships – which, in turn, inevitably catalyse both personal and business success.

Both of Rich’s books – the social communication / business-focused book, Mug & Tweet, and his status-quo challenging book on relationships – The 5 Night Plan, are based on the core maxim that in order for communication to be effective and relationships to thus be successful, communication needs to be simplified. In terms of teaching businesses about social media’s role in successful social communication, the intensive 30-hour/2-day Influence Communication Bootcamp is just one of the high-profile interactive tools Rich has to offer.

Proud father to two teenage sons, Rich has a passionate intention to create meaningful social change. Involved as a leading Activist & Catalyst for Symphonia Leadership – Partners for Possibility Programme, whose goal is to ensure all children in South Africa will have access to quality education by 2022, Rich also provided the visionary foundation for the unique Twitter success of the N3 Toll Road, lauded as ‘The World’s Most Social Road’.

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