Affordable Investor Club

The Royal Investor Club is the promotional name used on Social media for an exclusive private investment company and to become a member of this club you will need to be invited by an existing member.

The club gives members the following benefits of profit earning.

Memberships from $1000 to $2250 will receive a profit of 10% monthly.

Memberships from $2500 to $250,000 will receive a profit of 11% monthly.

I am a member of the exclusive club and I am inviting you to become a member. Please click on this link to watch the video outlining the Club and its activities or read more about the Royal Investor Club

In summary, you will get a 50% return on your investment during your 6-month contract. This means if you invest the minimum of $1000, for 5 months you will be paid 10% ($100) each month, giving you a total profit of 50% ($500) and you can continue with your investment and you will be paid 10% ($100) each month or you can opt to have your capital returned to you at the end of the sixth month, the choice is yours.

You may wonder why this company needs your money. The company does not need your money. If they did they would have been promoting and advertising this opportunity online so that potentially millions could join. But instead, they keep this as an exclusive club where you and your friends can participate and in turn become financially free.

Is your investment secure? Yes, absolutely. The real estate development company provides the backing and surety for your investment capital. In the extremely unlikely event of the company not being able to pay you your projected profit, your initial capital will be returned to you.

Please fill out this ENQUIRY form and I will be in contact with you:


I look forward to welcoming you into the club.

Invitation Program: Invite a friend or family member to our Invitation program and get a 10% Commission.