Influencer Marketing / Rates

Allow me to introduce myself. I am Rich Simmonds, recognised as one of the Top20 Digital Marketing Influencers in the world.


Over the past 5 years, our influence has increased and our Twitter following across 4 handles is more than 700,000, focused mainly on the English speaking world.

Your brand, product or service has a message and you communicate with your audience regularly with content on your website / your blog and use social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and even YouTube to expand your reach, with the hope of reaching existing and potential customers.

Digital Marketing campaigns involving influencers can be a minefield, we know this having worked with brands and influencers in the past 7 years. We are disrupting that model and making it easier than ever to reach larger audiences. We are here to help you expand your reach, putting your brand, service or product in the spotlight.


Option 1: Single Campaign

  1. Receive your press release / existing article / material & supporting images.
  2. Write approximately 1500 Words – we then decide if this is one, two or three different articles (sponsored blog/product review)
  3. Post these articles on Two Blogs, LinkedIn and Facebook
  4. Create social media posts to promote these articles on the following channels: Twitter – 10 Tweets, Facebook 2 Posts, Instagram 2 Posts, LinkedIn 1 Post
  5. Share and retweet these posts via our Twitter accounts and through our Influencer Network.

Duration of the Campaign: 1 week

Single Campaign Rate: €450 

Add On

45-second video summary of the single article (images and text on screen) €150

45-second video summary of the single article (images and text on screen + voiceover) €200           

Option 2: Ongoing Campaign

What can we do for you? 

  1. Amplify – repost, retweet and repost your campaign or existing content to our followers. 
  2. Using your existing articles, press releases, photos and posts we will write articles and create content that would be more specific to our followers. 
  3. Share more often at different times in the day, in the predominantly English-speaking time zones across the world.
  4. We can and will on average be sharing 4 times more than you do as a brand, it won’t dilute your message as the communication will come from our channels and not your official channels, therefore we are at liberty to share as much as we like. We know how to vary things and make them exciting.

This is like the single campaign, but the posts are spread out over a longer period, across the 5 channels mentioned above.

Duration of the campaign: 1 month, open for renewal.

Ongoing campaign rate per month: €450

Add on – as for single campaign

Option 3: Standard Communication Campaign

Digital content is created which usually consists of an article/press release, a Facebook campaign, an Instagram Campaign and a Twitter Campaign. The number of posts on each social media platform is determined and limited to your budget.  

Promotion of the above-mentioned campaign can then be applied using Facebook and Instagram advertising, and occasionally promoted tweets on Twitter.

Chat to us about your needs and budget.

In addition, we can also offer the following services:

Influencer Product / Conference Campaign (On-Site)

Influencer Product / Conference Activation (Off-Site Remote)

Consulting and Training

Editing & Ghost Writing

Video Production & Content Creation

Please contact me for further details or to begin your campaign:  +27824131604 or complete the form below:

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  1. Thank you Rich . This is working


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  3. Thank you Rich, I will put this into practice and check for results.


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