Bitcoin is changing the way we think about money and freedom. Mirror Trading International provides the platform that gives you the ability to grow the amount of Bitcoin you have so that you will have the advantage when the price of Bitcoin rises. This is made possible by using Bitcoin as the trading currency. No trading knowledge is needed. 

Trading and Networking Company

When you join the MTI Club, you will earn a passive income ‘which compounds daily’ from automated trading activities of Mirror Trading International – here is a short video which explains the opportunity.

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Once you have registered you can start with as little as $100 in Bitcoin

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How the business works:


Your membership (minimum $100 in Bitcoin) will be in the trading pool account. 

Each day you will receive an individual detailed statement of the trading activities of your account.

Trading utilises dynamic software that is constantly updating and dynamically adjusting to leverage the markets to a maximum, yet provides security and spreads risk by opening and closing small trades in seconds.

Historically the trading has given a Trading Month 22 Day Average of 11,5361% and a weekly average of 2,597%. Please note: Historical Results are not an indication of future results.

You can withdraw as often as you like and the minimum withdrawal is $10. No fees are charged for withdrawals.

New MTI Promo Square.009MLM BUSINESS (Optional)

Should you wish to refer people you will earn a 10% Direct Referral Commission

Once qualified, you will earn Binary bonuses weekly, based on the trading results. In comparison to similar opportunities, you will continuously receive weekly and not just a once-off bonus.

The MTI Binary bonuses have the ability to afford financial freedom to many people.

Bonuses from the MLM Business are available for withdrawal after 7 days.


For more information and some questions and answers please visit my article Mirror Trading International