Get into trading with Mirror Trading International – No trading knowledge needed. Money stays in your Bitcoin account. Experienced trackable traders. 29% Profit Recorded in the last two months of trading.

Trading and Networking Company

Earn a passive income from trading activities of the Master Traders from Mirror Trading International – become a member today and start earning daily profits.

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When asked who referred you: Richard Simmonds

Here is a video with the instructions on how to register with Mirror Trading International:

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How the business works:


Your investment account with FXChoice copies the trades of the Master Traders of Mirror Trading International. You fully control the deposits and withdrawals. None of your money is ever in the hands of the Mirror Trading International company. It remains in your account with the ECN broker – FXChoice.


The profit share from daily trading is as follows:

  • Members 40%
  • MTI 10%
  • Traders 30%
  • Binary/MLM 20%



Should you wish to refer people you will earn a 10% Direct Referral Commission

Binary Profit Sharing bonuses of 20% will be shared amongst you and your team according to the volume of investment.

Earnings from the MLM Business are paid directly to you in Bitcoin on a weekly basis.


JULY 2019

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