Bitcoin and Tax

Screenshot 2020-02-22 at 10.16.57You own some Bitcoin, but what are the Tax implications?

Firstly I must state that I am not a tax advisor and that you should get professional advice from a tax specialist in the country or state in which you pay tax.

When you buy bitcoin you are usually buying with money you have earned and already paid tax on. So there are no taxes when you buy Bitcoin.

Will I have to pay tax when the value of my Bitcoin increases? If you keep the Bitcoin and do not sell it there is no tax to be paid, however in some countries they may ask you to declare the amount of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies you are holding. If you are required to declare this you will need to consult with a professional tax advisor who can give you the correct information, as the price of Bitcoin fluctuates constantly.

Will I have to pay tax when I sell Bitcoin for FIAT Currency?  Yes, you will need to declare the income, when you sell Bitcoin it is like capital gains tax. You will need to pay tax on the profit you have made.

Is there a standard tax rate payable on Bitcoin profits? No, you will be taxed at your particular tax rate based on income.

Could selling a large amount of Bitcoin force me into a super tax bracket? Yes it could, you will be taxed at your particular tax rate based on this additional income.

What if I never sell my Bitcoin, will I still have to pay tax? No, but it will become part of your estate when you die. This is why you need some sort of succession plan regarding your bitcoin. Ultimately the passwords etc need to be stored securely.

You will probably have other questions that are not addressed in this article, and you are advised to contact a registered tax professional who deals with your region and country.

The information in this article was supplied by my brother Mike Simmonds, who is a business accountant with many years experience in individual and business taxation in South Africa. He can be contacted on


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MTI is an investment company with a referral option, it is not…

Screenshot 2020-02-16 at 22.39.22I would like to clear up many misconceptions and carefully explain and complete the above statement.

Mirror Trading International (MTI) is an investment company with a referral option, it is not a networking company with an investment opportunity.

From a traditional networking and sales perspective this is hard to understand, as we have always been told that if you cannot continuously grow we must be failing. That is because salespeople have always been paid for the work they do and continue to do. In traditional companies, if a salesperson is not bringing in new customers they have no more value to the organisation and they are given their marching orders. You have to question the ethics of these organisations, but they have always managed to do this and the salesperson has to accept this and move on.

The reality is that MTI does not need new members or more members, however should you wish to introduce people to the company they will give you a 10% referral commission, but they will not give level bonuses. In other words the sales manager, regional sales manager, national sales manager and sales director do not get a single cent, which would be the case in conventional companies and networking companies.

The focus of MTI is on the investor and not the network. In MTI you do not have an investment package which helps sustain the salesforce by paying another commission when the package expires. In MTI there are no packages and therefore they have not structured the business to particularly benefit the salesperson or networker. The business is designed to give maximum benefit to the investor, and as long as you have an investment with the company you will continue to receive daily profits, should MTI be able to make a profit on the day.

There are no hidden fees, in fact there are no fees at all. They do not charge you an admin fee or any sort of subscription fee, and they don’t charge you to make a withdrawal. Now that I think of it, why do bank charge fees for handling our money, are they not able to make enough money? Or perhaps it is because they have nice fancy buildings, so that you can feel important when you visit them. With that in mind I can’t remember when last I did visit the bank. Sorry I am straying off my topic, where was I?

The investor is the focus of MTI, the investors are the heartbeat of the company. Without the investors MTI could not exist but that said, it is also important to remember that every investor is important to MTI. Whether you invest a small fraction of a Bitcoin or a couple of hundred Bitcoin, MTI gives everyone the same benefit, and everyone earns the same percentage of profit according to the investment they have.

The Referral Option

As I said MTI is an investment company with a referral option. Here the choice is yours, once you are a member you can refer people to MTI if you wish.

If you would like to earn the 10% referral commission you will need an investment in Bitcoin equivalent to the value of at least $50, this gives you the chance to build up you own investment so that you can earn other bonuses that are available to members who refer new members.

Earn some referral commissions and upgrade your bitcoin investment to the equivalent to the value of at least $200 and you could be in line to qualify for a small binary profit share or even P1 shares. These rewards can boost the new member who is trying to build up their investment to the deeper binary profit sharing levels.

You will need to build up your initial investment in Bitcoin over time to participate in the deeper levels of the binary profit sharing system.

The focus of the referral program is to build up your investment so that you have the chance at becoming financially secure. This is the game changer that MTI offers you. I believe that the investment is sustainable, and in turn the referral option offers a residual income which can be built up over time.

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Dreams and Goals

Screenshot 2020-02-16 at 11.37.20Mark Twain said that you are going to need a dream, in order to make a dream come true. Can you still dream, or are you like me who over many years lost my ability to dream? I know we can all dream about winning the lottery and having lots of money, but I am talking about real dreams and doing things that are important to you.

I hear the phrase ‘you need dreams and goals’ too often and these sayings, although they seem to be important and the right thing to do, often lack meaning for ourselves.

I often dreamed of getting myself a nice jacket and then just when you almost have the money, you damage your car tyre and then you realise that you actually need to replace all your tyres. The jacket remains a dream and coincidentally once you think you may have enough again, you need to buy a new pair of sports shoes for your child and the jacket idea is put on hold once more. Life happens and often our dreams move so far away from us that even when we asked what we would like, or what our dreams are, we forget what was once important to us.

How can we restore our ability to dream? There are techniques but it is only when we start achieving our dreams that we start seeing possibilities for dreaming on a larger scale. Set yourself dreams that you know you can accomplish and this will open the way for you to dream bigger dreams.

Are goals important? Setting yourself goals that you can achieve in 3, 6 and 12 months are good. For goals to be effective they must be measurable over time. A goal should always be a bit more than you know what you can comfortably achieve and even if they take slightly longer than you plan, remember it is achieving the goal that is more important than the actual time frame.

Why is ‘having money’ an ineffective goal? Many people say they would like to have money, but how much money is that? Because most of us do not know what it would be like to have the money we are dreaming about, the goal becomes very vague as we have no timeframe or we would not be able to say we have achieved the goal.

Having money to be able to achieve our goals, is often part of the goal, but it is not usually a goal, unless we have specifically set out to make a million by a certain time. Unless you are the proverbial Uncle Scrooge who just wants to have millions so you can be greedy and hoard it, having a goal to have money is actually meaningless.

Is success possible? Yes it is, when we break up our goals into smaller measurable parts and we align them with our dreams and achieve each of these small dreams along the way. This becomes the inspiration many of us need on our paths to achieving success.

When we work at achieving our goals instead of just working to survive we find more meaning in our work and often we achieve success quicker. With that said you may need to find something that has the potential to reward you when you do find the inspiration to work, so often we need to look beyond our current stream of income.

Dreaming may seem easy, but in reality it takes work and you will need to work harder than you normally do in order to reach your goals and fulfill your dreams.

By now you may be wondering if I ever reached my goal or achieved my dream of getting myself a nice jacket! To be quite honest I now have more than one nice jacket, and I am will be getting a beautiful coat I have long admired later this year when I travel abroad. It’s been a tough road getting to where I am today, but I have persevered, and I am eternally grateful that I am now able to dream again, and dream even bigger than I ever imagined would be possible.

So don’t give up, open your heart and your mind to the possibilities of dreaming, reach out, and make it happen.

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MLM – Is it a business or a Marketer’s Dream?

Screenshot 2020-02-13 at 14.17.01Have you ever been to a so-called ‘business presentation meeting’ or even better, how about a big fancy meeting or success summit where some ‘international successes’ are speaking? Did you have to pay an entrance fee? The chances are that you were paying to be sold something else. Think of it like this, do you pay an entrance fee to shop at your local supermarket or even the most expensive designer boutiques? No! Of course if they charged you an entrance fee you would go to the next shop that gave you free access.

Here is the problem, almost the same attitude the bank has when you deposit money, they think they are doing you a favour. Is the banking industry so greedy or so unsustainable that they cannot make money from lending out the money that you have deposited? No, when you give someone business or your money, you are doing them a favour as you could have easily gone to their competition. Why should you pay to be sold to?

These companies say they have the recipe for success and they have a right to sell this to you. If that was true you could say the same for self-help books and programs, if they really worked it would be a dying industry, but instead it is a booming industry.

I have always had the opinion that many people think, but very few people think about what they think about when they think.

Let us dive a bit deeper into the world of Multi Level Marketing, regardless of whether it is a product, service or whatever they are offering. Firstly a distinction must be made if the company is making profits from the products they are selling, or by offering a system that recruits people. Does the company get extra sales or charge you to be a member, for a so-called admin fee? If you are paying some kind of membership fee, the company is no better than a bank – you are simply paying to be sold to!

Secondly how are the successful people making money? Is it because they generate a lot of sales for the company or do they have some system that keeps you motivated, a sort of education system where you need to spend money to be part of the success machine?Surely, if the company values you as a person who is promoting the company, they would be providing this information to ensure you become successful so they in turn will remain profitable. Only really bad companies expect salespeople to pay for their own training.

The bottom line is that most successful people in the Multi Level Marketing and motivation industries have found a way of selling people an idea of success with very little accountability. If you don’t make it after paying to be sold to, then they simply say you probably did not work hard enough and they never gave any guarantees. This is the marketer’s dream: ‘to find enough stupid people, with money’ so that they can continue to fleece you for your hard earned money.

This is what makes the average MLM Company a marketer’s dream too. They will run events and charge you an entrance fee, they will train you and have a continuous education system to supposedly help you become successful. In fact the reality is there is not enough capacity to earn in the actual company and they know this, so they will exploit those who are yearning for success. What they should really be doing is telling you to sell the system they are actually selling you, to keep the cycle going – this is the reality and people will continue to attend these type of events and pay to be sold to. Most people would rather not think. If they DID stop to think they would realise that they are constantly being told WHY they should do something, but the knowledge of HOW to do it is never passed on!

What is the solution? Find a company and people who are interested in your success. If they believe they have a winning formula it will be freely available as they will always benefit. My opinion is when a company or person is unsure of what they have to offer then they will try to get you to spend as much of your money with them as possible, and don’t forget you will need to pay for the privilege of spending your money with them.

Proper success breeds more success. Find the people who are willing to share their knowledge and help you on your way. Everyone is different, so join a business, or a team that allows you to follow the path in your own time. Look for the leader who patiently assists you, doesn’t try to hurry you along or set unrealistic goals, but rather steers you in their footsteps. This is the true path to financial freedom, and no longer just a dream.


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No Focus – No Success

Screenshot 2020-02-07 at 12.20.39Success is within everyone’s grasp, yet success is not achieved by many. Regardless of what you want to achieve you will need to be focused. If you want a good relationship you need to focus on the person with whom you have a relationship, and not be distracted by everyone else you think you could have a relationship with.

In every aspect of life, if you desire success you need to focus on the thing that is most important to you. I remember my Mom suggested that if I wanted to get more business I should join the golf club, but I soon realised that I would need to make a choice to either be a good golfer or a good businessman. Yet many of the people I met at the golf club had another idea, and they were on their way to being successful drinkers. That is the funny reality about life, if you don’t focus – you will become like a lazy river and follow the easiest path. Some of you might point out that a river eventually cuts through rock, but that makes my point more clear – the river only succeeds in cutting through the rock because it constantly works on that one point!

You can become anything you want and you can be successful at it. But if you try being successful at more than one thing, realise that you have given up the possibility of real success in both of those things.

Many opportunities come our way in life, we must make choices and then stick to the choice you have made and work as hard as you possibly can on that one thing to achieve success. If you believe there is something else then forfeit what you are doing and become laser focused on the thing you believe in. That is the foundation of success!

“Most people have no idea of the giant capacity we can immediately command when we focus all of our resources on mastering a single area of our lives.”
Tony Robbins



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The Bitcoin Advantage

Screenshot 2020-01-30 at 14.34.30Bitcoin is not regulated as it is not considered to be a currency according to the law. How can this be an advantage you may ask?

If that is truly your concern I am sure you think that all governments are transparent and honest, that the world has no corruption and that economies are never manipulated. If that is your opinion then please stop reading this article now, as you will be severely disrupted.

Bitcoin was created due to the Global Financial Crisis of 2008, when the creator Satoshi Nakamoto realised that normal people needed a safe haven from financial storms. The first Bitcoin was mined in 2010 and 10 years later in 2020 there is more and more interest in Bitcoin, and it continues to strengthen. Not only has it become stronger amongst computer geeks but it is constantly the talking point of governments, banks and authorities worldwide.

How can something that is not considered to be a currency pose such a threat to the global policymakers? More and more authorities are recognising the potential of Bitcoin and the possibilities that Bitcoin could be a dominant currency in the very near future.

Traditionally central banks and governments have full control of currency and they can print as much currency as they wanted. This action of introducing new money into the economy devalues the currency and allows inflation to become the accepted norm in society. Inflation results in everyone having less value from their money, and forces people to look for credit to try to make ends meet.

Bitcoin on the other hand has a limited supply, there will only ever be 21 Million Bitcoin. So instead of just printing or mining more (as in the case of Bitcoin) as increasingly more people need Bitcoin, the finite supply has an de-inflationary effect in that the value of Bitcoin rises instead of decreasing.

Bitcoin vs Friends and Family – you will wonder why I have added this sub title. The answer is simple, when you talk to your friends and family about Bitcoin the responses will be varied, from those who know everything to those who know nothing. Those that know nothing but have heard of Bitcoin are usually the worst as they would have probably heard something negative about Bitcoin, like it is used by terrorists and drug dealers. These people keep forgetting that terrorists and drugs have been around for decades, and you have to wonder if people believe every bit of propaganda coming from the mainstream media.

Of course the other consideration is that when you tell your friends and family about Bitcoin, they may just be incredibly jealous and hope that they can discourage you. Even if they never plan to buy Bitcoin, they would rather discourage you, just in case you become the next Bitcoin millionaire!

Bitcoin and Tax – I am not a tax expert and Bitcoin is not taxed. However when you sell your Bitcoin for normal currency and you have made a profit you will need to declare the income and thus pay tax. If you are unsure of the tax situation with Bitcoin, please speak to a qualified tax professional.

Bitcoin is the future and it would be to your advantage to consider having some Bitcoin. You can buy as little or as much as you want. It is estimated that about 27 Million people own some Bitcoin and currently there are just over 18 Million of the 21 Million Bitcoin that will ever be in circulation. Imagine when more people adopt Bitcoin, the demand will rise and the price of Bitcoin will skyrocket.

Currently $200 is about 0.02137614 Bitcoin and owing that much Bitcoin has the possibility of changing your financial future as the price of Bitcoin continues to rise. Some experts in the industry are predicting that a single Bitcoin that is worth $9,400 currently could be worth $50,000 to $100,000 by the end of the year.

Other predictions are putting Bitcoin at $1,000,000 within the next 10 years. This means that the Bitcoin you have today that is valued at $200 could easily be worth $20,000 in the next 10 years.

Bitcoin is definitely something worth considering.

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Journey to success with MTI – a beginner’s guide

by Marina Caenazzo

Screenshot 2020-01-30 at 18.16.54Congratulations! You made the decision to join Mirror Trading International, and now you want to know what happens next. Perhaps you put in a big or reasonable size investment, perhaps you put in a little bit just to test the system or dip your toe in the water so to speak.

Whatever you did, great! The best way to begin is simply to start! If you are new to cryptocurrency, don’t worry, you are among friends. Bitcoin can seem scary to the novice investor, but it needn’t be. It is the way of the future, and right now that Bitcoin that you invested is working and growing, which is exactly what Johan Steynberg, CEO of MTI, envisaged.

Choosing to start an investment, whether it is with MTI or anyone else, is a good start to making a better future for yourself, and even your family. By choosing Mirror Trading International you have already paved the first part of the road to financial freedom. However, much you chose to start with, you can be assured that on a weekly basis, from Monday to Friday, your Bitcoin is hard at work in the trading pool. Your daily statements can attest to this. Remember that the Bitcoin price can fluctuate, so never worry too much about the dollar value in your back office. Keep a note of the Bitcoin closing balance (written as Bits) and see how this number increases. Each day your shiny new road gains a few new “Bit Bricks” and your future looks just a little brighter.

man-1483479_1920One thing to note is that the brightness of your future does not necessarily just depend on your investment. Sure, if you were able to put a good sum into the trading pool from that start it will be easier for you to see the growth and benefit from the daily trades. Smaller starting amounts will take more time to look like anything really worthwhile, so the important thing is not to be impatient or lose hope! It might just take you a little longer to reach your goal or make that first million, but you will get there!

But not everyone is lucky enough to have a spare $10000 to start with. When you were first introduced to the idea of MTI, your sponsor may have said that there was a minimum start-up amount of $200. They would have been correct if you were hoping to be binary qualified from the get-go. The recommended starting amount is $100, but this too is not cast in stone. Johan recommended this amount because, as I have said before, if you start with a very small amount you will take time to see that the system is really working. It might not seem exciting to see that your account has increased by a few cents, so you need to try to invest as much as you can, so that it is exciting for you to watch your account grow.

However, the important thing is that you have an investment. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t have $100. You are actually allowed to start with smaller amounts. The $100 mark is simply a guideline. Start with whatever you can reasonably afford, and add to it if you wish, whenever you want. Please note too that top-up amounts can be literally any value. If you find you have an extra $10 at some time, put that into your account. Add $19 if that’s what you have, add $147, whatever – it doesn’t have to be a specific or round amount. Make it work! No time for lazy Bitcoin if you are going to be a millionaire.

So that’s the first part of the road to financial freedom taken care of. Now how to build the rest?

This is where the optional affiliate program comes in. Many hands make light work, and this too applies when you are constructing something like this road we have been commenting on. Teamwork is what it is about, and helping others build their own road happens while you are busy with your own. How nice to be able to empower others to follow their dreams! Helping someone find their financial feet can be very rewarding and is something we strive for in our team.

Ha! Do I hear you cry out “But I don’t want to build a team! I am no good at selling! I don’t know how to find people! I don’t know what to say!” Don’t worry, we have heard practically every excuse in the book. Team building in a business like Mirror Trading International is, in fact, exceptionally easy. We have not yet met anyone who can honestly say “Don’t worry, I have enough money, I don’t need any more.” Perhaps Bill Gates and people of his wealth calibre could say they have enough money, but I am talking about you and I, the ordinary people who could benefit from having things a bit easier in the pocket department!

dogs-2939691_1920Going back to the team building – the initial stages are probably the hardest, but they too can be simply and practically handled. Begin with your own investment. Tell someone you care about. This can be friends, family, your dog. Okay the dog won’t have money to invest unless he knows where your secret stash is in the garden but telling him your story will help you practice for telling other people. By saying you aren’t good at selling is not true. Can you speak or communicate in some way? There you go!

To become binary qualified means you have an investment of $200 or more in your own account and have personally introduced two people into the business, one on your right side and one on your left. Initially you don’t need to worry about binary bonuses and qualifications, just start building your team and benefit from referral bonuses. If you started with $100 and introduce two friends with $100 each, that’s another $20 to put into your own account. Before you know it, your investment has grown. Did you realise that you can structure your team to gain maximum benefit, and the first two members you refer can be family members? Add your spouse or brother or whoever on one side, then aunty, granny, your sister on the other side. Without too much effort, your fledgling team has spread its wings!

Remember that if you really want to become a millionaire, the millions are not simply going to drop from the sky and land squarely in your lap. You WILL need to put in a bit of effort. This can mean various things to different people – my idea of effort might mean having to work slowly from dawn to dusk, but that might not suit your personal style. You might put in short, sharp bursts. All you need to do to make it in MTI is share your story. Talk to people, tell your own story. People want to know what YOU are doing; it doesn’t always impress them to hear that your sponsor has retired and is living in the mountains. If getting a little ahead in your life means being able to pay the school fees in full and on time, share that story. If it means you got the TV you have been eyeing for ages, great! Whatever it is, and no matter how big or seemingly small your achievement may be, people love to hear success stories. They will want to hear what you have done, and your excitement and enthusiasm will be contagious. Whatever you share, do not lie. Tell the truth and people will be able to see it in your eyes and hear it in your voice.

sparrows-2763083_1920Please don’t be discouraged if you tell someone about the business opportunity and they do not seem too interested. Trust me on this, they will definitely be watching you. Keep your song the same. There have been so many scams and schemes that people have tried, that have all failed and taken the money with them, so there are sceptics and disillusioned people all over. If you meet them again, and you can tell the same story, with the same enthusiasm, that will catch their interest. They may not bite this time either. But they will still be watching. You just keep on sharing your experiences and paving your road, and by the time they finally decide to take the plunge and join you, they will wish they had done so when they first had the opportunity.

You never know how the world is connected. You might mention the business in passing to a new acquaintance, who likes what they hear. You give them your details and send them some information as you promised to do. Next thing you know, Sven has signed up as your referral and has brought 5 friends with him. Your team suddenly grew by 6 people overnight. Person number 6 has an uncle who has been a networker for 40 of his 55 years. Uncle Joe knows a great opportunity when he sees one. Joe adds Cookie and Kitty to his team, and before you can blink, there are another 17 members in your team. Now things are starting to heat up! You can’t wait for Saturday to arrive so you can see what your next binary bonus is going to be. Maybe your first bonus when you had just started was quite insignificant, as you had a small amount of Bitcoin is your weaker leg. But now, with Sven and Joe running like wildfire, your weaker leg has 5 Bitcoin in it and your bonus will be substantially healthier.

You might be getting some spill-over from your sponsor or members of their team so keep an eye on the balances in each of your two legs. Your binary bonus is always paid on the volume of Bitcoin in the weaker of your two legs, and if you are recruiting like mad, or someone else in your weaker leg is adding dozens of people, you may need to start paying attention to the other side of your business. What a fortunate position to find yourself in!

conversation-3513843_1920Always remember that to build your business with MTI does not have to be very hard. You may enjoy meeting with people on a one to one basis and explaining the concept, but perhaps you do not have time with your work, or lack of transport or you are shy. Then it is time to think a bit more creatively. Invite people to the weekly meetings at the Randburg office. Find out from your sponsor where other meetings are being held. Organise a Zoom meeting or tell your potential team members to attend an online meeting that has been scheduled by your sponsor. Arrange an informal meeting at someone’s house and invite a few friends and their friends so that you don’t have to travel to each person individually. Talk to the cashier at the grocery store. Post and share things on your social media. Find a way of sharing your story that suits your individual style.

Whatever you choose to do, whether you build a team or not, just keep going. If you need any assistance, reach out to your sponsor. Remember there are many instructional videos available to refresh your memory on how each part of MTI works. You are welcome to share these with your friends, team members and prospective members. Participation in the optional affiliate program will speed up your journey to financial freedom, but it is not obligatory, and entirely up to you.

Who wants to be a millionaire? I DO!

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No Work Necessary!

Screenshot 2020-01-28 at 23.38.49

This is the catchphrase of many online adverts these days, usually referring to online money making opportunities. What makes this phrase so attractive is that most people have a deep desire to be successfully lazy. Yes, the truth is most people would like to receive money from doing nothing. Their dreams are to win the lottery, inherit millions from some uncle they never knew or collect millions from joining a money making opportunity.

The business I promote is Mirror Trading International and if you are a big investor, you have worked hard and now you would like your money to work for you. The MTI system makes sure that your money works really hard.

What if you aren’t a big investor and your desire is to be successful? Some of us are starting out and some of us have to start again.

The question is often are we prepared to do something so that we can become successful or are we actually hoping we will end up being successfully lazy? Hoping we will become successful will actually cause us to become lazy. The truth is that we will not have the money to be successfully lazy, and the laziness will continue and the money will remain out of reach forever.

It is the universal principle of sowing and reaping. If we don’t work we cannot get the fruit from our labour. If we have the opportunity to work, we should work diligently and if we work a little, we will earn a little. We should all try to work smart, but to reach any degree of success we will need to work.

I have heard it said that if you are not selling you are not growing. I have also heard many people say ‘I am not good at selling’ and ‘I don’t like recruiting my friends’. Do you think anyone really likes selling? No, I can tell you I don’t and most people I know don’t like it, but at some time in their lives, successful people decided that they needed to do some selling to get the results they desired.

Have you ever wondered why most of us dislike selling? It is the fear of rejection, we don’t like hearing the word ‘no’. In our business we will get objections and this cannot be avoided, it is part of the business. I hear a lot of people asking for things to be easier, but think of it, if it was easy, there would be very little opportunity for those who actually want to be truly successful. A true business that offers a great opportunity will have just as much opportunity in 15 to 20 years time as it does today. That is the Mirror Trading Opportunity, we have an opportunity right now, and that opportunity will be the same in 20 years when our children want an opportunity. All we need to do is decide when we would like to take up the challenge.

The bottom line is if we would like to get ahead and earn enough to become financially free and be wealthy, we are going to need to do some selling and recruiting. It’s easier than you think. You don’t have to be a salesman or woman, all you need to do is share your opportunity with people you meet. After all, everyone would like to earn at least a little bit of extra money, and I have yet to meet someone who says, “No, it’s okay, I have enough money”!

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Online Articles about Mirror Trading International

Screenshot 2020-01-26 at 17.21.38

Have you done a search on Google to find out about MTI? The results are normally articles that question the existence and business of MTI.

I am not a financial advisor, so I am unable to give any advice and the following article should not be considered financial advice. I share my opinion and it is up to you to make your own conclusion.

These are answers that I give people who ask the following common questions. I try to be as factual as possible, but in many cases my opinion based on logic has been added.

So let’s look at the questions:

Does MTI rely on pyramid style recruitment to get new members?

No, MTI  is not a pyramid scheme. Mirror Trading International has an optional affiliate program where you can earn a referral commission of 10%.

Pyramid style recruitment plans are designed to attract lots of members quickly to keep the pyramid scheme afloat. If schemes cannot double their membership every month they will typically fail quicker than expected.

Let me explain what a typical pyramid recruitment plan looks like: they will pay 10% direct, 5% 2nd level, 3% 3rd level, 1% 4th level and 1% 5th level. When you see this kind of plan, it is almost always a pyramid.

In terms of membership MTI has just more than 7000 members after 8 months. In the first month they had 500 members, and if they needed members to sustain the business they should have had at least 64000 by now to sustain any sort of scheme.

Does Johann Steynberg have trading experience.

Johann Steynberg the CEO of Mirror Trading International is exactly that, the Chief Executive Officer. To my knowledge he has been involved in investments and trading, but is not a master trader, therefore in his position as CEO he has selected the experienced traders. Johan has negotiated that these traders look after the EA Software, ensuring that the results are consistent.

This question actually makes me laugh, it is like expecting the CEO of an airline to also fly the planes on a daily basis.

Is Mirror Trading International registered with the Financial Services authority in South Africa or Internationally?

The objective of MTI is to grow your Bitcoin, therefore all trading and balances are shown in Bitcoin, your investment is never exchanged for normal currency (FIAT) and always remains in Bitcoin.

Bitcoin is not regulated as it is not considered to be electronic money according to the law. Therefore it is not possible to become registered with the authorities as they do not accept Bitcoin as legal tender. MTI would need to take deposits in FIAT currency if they were registered and then the registration would prevent them from trading in Bitcoin. Over and above that, the financial authority would not allow the type of returns that MTI gets for its members.

Is Mirror Trading International operating illegally?

No, they are registered as Mirror Trading International (PTY) LTD in South Africa and the Registration Number is 2019/205570/07. They are a fully legal entity and Johann Steynberg is the responsible Director, therefore should anything happen to MTI, Johann Steynberg would be solely responsible.

The fact that MTI has members in over 100 countries also means that he could be summoned to any court internationally, should some type of fraud occur. The legal team of MTI ensure that MTI is 100% legally compliant.

What evidence is there of real trading taking place?

Mirror Trading International is prevented from showing live trades due to their licensing agreement with the EA Software providers. This is the fact that makes most investors nervous and it is good to do a risk assessment based on the historical results.

The current historical results, as at 24 January 2020, utilising the EA system are as follows:

Total Trading Days: 134

Total Profit made by Members (40% of the Daily Trading Results): 72.0016%

Daily average Profit made by members: 0.5373%

Total Binary Profit Sharing with Affiliates (20% of Daily Trading Results): 36.0008%

If MTI was a scheme, 7000 members would not be sufficient to support the profits paid to date. Therefore my conclusion is that the trading is real. Profits are derived from the trading activities, and members receive personal statements the following day detailing every trade placed. These could be compared to the previous day’s trades should you wish to take the time to do this.

The reality is that Mirror Trading International is going to be around for a long time and there is no need to rush in quickly hoping you are going to make something.

My experience is that you will grow your Bitcoin with Mirror Trading International and even if the Bitcoin price never rises significantly above the current level your Bitcoin will be growing. In time you will have a good number of Bitcoin more than when you started, thus you will have more value as you have more Bitcoin. Therefore should the price of Bitcoin increase significantly or not, you will still have more value in your investment.

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Is Success a forgotten art?

pexels-photoWhen I was a teenager I had the impression that leaders and people with authority had power, but as I get older I notice that leaders and people with authority have become weak and will accept anything as long as they are not called to be accountable.

These figures (yes, that is what authority and leadership has been reduced to) only seem to want to have the title, and at the same time please everyone. Most leaders are afraid to make a stand and many wonder why they are unsuccessful as a leader. They may have failing relationships and cannot make a real success of business.

The answer is simple and it brings my back to the first line of this article. The truth is that they have forgotten they have authority, and if they have not forgotten they are simple scared to exercise that authority.

In this ultimate effort to please everyone the leader has forgotten that leadership is about setting an example and giving people something they can follow. This is something we are all guilty of and an area we can all improve in. Let’s look at the three different aspects mentioned here and I will discuss each of these separately: relationships, leadership and ultimately, success.

Relationships – everything begins with our personal relationships that we have with our loved ones and family. Can we honestly say we are putting our best into our relationships? Are we setting an example by making decisions that cause our families to function better, so that there is a loving and safe environment for people to grow and thrive in? Or do we rather do everything to keep the peace and avoid tough decisions?This is the conflict we so often try to avoid, but it is these challenges that cause us to grow.

Leadership – are we serving others and thinking about their best interests, do we set an example in our community? Are we actually giving people an example of caring, without going so far that our happy go lucky, please everyone attitude makes people feel unsafe. We need to take a stand and have an opinion about something, otherwise the person who complains the most may be the only example people get to witness. When things are wrong, are you prepared to fix them? This is what leadership and serving others is about, or are you thinking someone else can do it?

Success – deep down we all have a desire to be successful in one way or another. Success is a combination of relationships and leadership. No one can say they are successful by themselves and we need to work with people in order to become successful. This involves sharing ideas and caring for people, which may sound like selling, and you will get some rejection. Remember the conflict in relationships is just as much part of relationships as it is part of leadership and success.

Learn to embrace conflict but don’t get involved in the actual conflict. All you need to do is be gracious and kind, knowing that whatever you are suggesting is an new idea to the person, and it is human nature to reject something that is unfamiliar.

Expect that the person will reject your idea or your proposal, but it is your task to show them the possibilities should you wish to be successful in relationships, leadership and business. If you can endure, if you can continue when others give up, you will experience the success that is reserved for those who continuously strive to become great partners, outstanding leaders and super successful business people.

These are all choices that only you can make and I wish you every success.


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