Burning in Protest

19149230_10155340583935279_7353477352116028307_nBy Vanessa Brown

I have often wondered what people expect to gain by burning things in protest, so I did a small experiment today.
I didn’t want to go too big, so I burnt 12 slices of toast to protest against the price of bread.

My house smells like burnt toast.
There’s no more bread in the house.
The bread still costs the same.
I’m hungry.

Conclusion: That sh*t doesn’t work – you just screw yourself.
Suggestion: Try something positive.

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The Investment Club Advantage

Screenshot 2019-06-23 at 15.37.18Investment clubs are developed when a group of investors decide to combine their resources to get better rates, better returns and the best leverage possible from the combined total of everyone’s investment in the club. These type of investment clubs have been around for many years and are the way smart people with real money have always invested.

Clubs offer everyone the same return, as regardless of how much you put in, it still contributes to the overall strength of the club and its ability to leverage the best investment deals. One such club that I belong to is called the Royal Investor Club and we are affiliated members of an investment company, who provide the administrative function and pay the monthly dividends to the club members.

The investment club has grown in strength over the years, and with the managed investment approach of the company and its own asset base is able to provide a return of 10% per month for members investing between US$1000 and US$2250. Members who invest more than US$2500 receive a return of 11% per month. The maximum investment that the club will accept is US$250,000.

All memberships with the club are for six months and they work as follows: Start with your investment, end of month 1 receive 10% profit paid directly to you, end of month two, three, four and five receive 10% profit paid directly to you. In the sixth month, at the end of your investment period, you will receive your capital back. At that stage, you can decide if you would like to continue for a further 6 months.

If you wish to increase your investment at any time you would need to start an additional investment with a minimum of US$1000 which would start a new 6 month period for that new membership.

This is the real example of the rising tide lifting all the ships, is it not time you considered joining the investment opportunity that Royal Investors Club offers you?

Please feel free to contact me on WhatsApp: +27824131604 eMail: richsimmondsza@gmail.com or on Telegram: https://t.me/RichZA

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Lean into Success and Adversity @JohnDrumgooleJr

Inspirational post by my friend


“Sustainable success isn’t linear, lean into the curves…”

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The role of the Influencer has changed

Screenshot 2019-06-20 at 11.06.09Content used to be king, then along came engagement and people always asked the questions about return on investment. We know advertising does not work like it did in the ’70s but somehow people still believe the nonsense they learn when they study marketing. Eventually, people started realising that unless you track actual sales you are just wasting time.

Along came social media and again we used it as another advertising platform, just another way to spam people. When companies realised they could not effectively use the social media platforms they went back to the brand ambassador idea, and called the people responsible for delivering content ‘Influencers’.

Influencer marketing has been effective to a point and companies continue to find ways to use influencers to get their message to the masses.

I have a saying ‘most people think, but few people think about what they think about when they think’. I ask you to think about the actual reason why influencer marketing works. Is it not because you have a relationship with your followers/prospective followers?

Now if you are paid to nurture the relationship with your followers on behalf of brands and companies, you are doing more than just the job of brand ambassador. You could be potentially setting up sales for the company and yet you are being compensated as an influencer.

I believe, as influencers, we are thinking and connecting like marketers, when in fact we could be getting better results for our clients and ourselves if we started working as salespeople, and taking our followers from prospect to actually closing the sale.

I know this is going to sound like a foreign concept to many of you and I have probably disrupted you already. Let me give you a real example of a company that I am working with so that you can understand how this idea comes together.

Firstly I had to ask myself ‘What are my followers looking for?’ The simple answer is money, and then following on that it would be solutions to their problems. That after all is what entrepreneurship is about. So instead of just thinking of yourself as an influencer or marketer, start thinking like an entrepreneur.

I found a new company that had not worked out its marketing strategy and was still in the early phases of starting. This is the best time to align and collaborate with the company and use all the skills you have learnt. Instead of begging for a marketing budget from a company who does not really have the type of budget you want, start thinking and helping them become successful – in other words, be part of the solution and not part of the problem.

Enter the Influencer who connects, nurtures and sells, instead of doing seventy percent of the work and giving someone else the close. Suddenly you have entrenched yourself into the company and you will continue earning and they will not need to pay you from the marketing budget, but rather just pay you a commission on the results you produce.

As I mentioned you have the skills, so why not use them effectively. One of the companies we work with is called Mirror Trading International, and let me outline what we do so that you can get an idea of the type of journey you need to create to get the sales done.

We create the marketing content and distribute that on the Facebook pages, Twitter accounts and website we own and run (this should give you an idea of the size of the company we are working with). Effectively we are agents fully representing the company and it is possible to create sub-agencies as long as you have that kind of agreement with the company.

The content we create takes the prospect through a complete journey, starting with awareness about the company, then we answer the questions and form the relationship. Next, we help the person get his investment going by linking him with the company and assisting with questions regarding registration. Once they have joined and invested we receive our commission.

This model is simple and it is scalable. We have another investment company called R.C.O with whom we have a similar agreement, and we will soon be launching a new business related App that will assist in the day to day reporting and complete accounting function of companies.

The real question is how are you best using the skills you have? Never sell yourself and your abilities short. Expand your role as an influencer, and step into the shoes of the salesperson!

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The Investors Game Changer

Screenshot 2019-06-12 at 19.03.48There is an old saying that goes: ‘No risk, no reward’ and when it comes to investing people seem to love taking risks. The first question should always be “Is this a real investment or is it a scheme?” The guarantee with a scheme is that it will fail and you may just be part of the failure. If you are not sure about how to identify a scheme please read my article Why do people love schemes?

The idea with investment is to be in control and know the risk, which is usually somewhere between low and medium. 

How can You be in control?

With the average investment you have absolutely no control and the results of your investment are with the people who manage your investment. These rules are changing however – a company called Mirror Trading International is rewriting the rules of investment and with them, you are fully in control. 

Is control even possible?

Before I tell you what is possible, let me tell you a real-life situation that happened last week. Emmanuel, my friend in Nigeria, urgently needed funds to take his wife to the hospital. He had invested $200 three weeks ago and his capital had grown to around $250. Without closing any trades in progress he was able to draw $180 from his trading account and he received the money within 4 hours.

How does the investment work when you are in control of your account?

If you choose to leave the minimum balance of $100 in your account, then your account will automatically trade.

Could I lose all my money with this type of investment?

The Mirror Trading International system prevents your account from being overtraded and potentially losing all your capital. The system will only risk 2-5% of your capital on a trade. That way that should a loss occur, it can be easily caught up in the following trades or trading days.

The vision of Mirror Trading International is to make you a sustainable income of good returns, keeping you happy so that you don’t feel the need to find yourself another investment. However, you are more than welcome to look for alternative or additional investments at any time, as you are not in an agreement of any sort with the company.

With these facts, I am sure that you will see why I say that Mirror Trading International is the investors game changer.

Should you have any further questions please contact me on WhatsApp +27824131604 or visit the Mirror Trading International information page for more details.

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Soichiro Honda Success Story

Screenshot 2019-06-12 at 17.04.09

Soichiro Honda is the founder of the Honda company, which is a well known large automotive company. Honda’s story starts when he went for a job interview to work for the Toyota company. Honda was rejected and was told that he is not fit for the job!!

The man didn’t give up and decided to create a company that competes with Toyota and so Honda was born!!

If there is anything we can learn from this inspiring success story, is that you should never give up and that rejection can motivate us to do even better.

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My Investment Strategy

Screenshot 2019-08-04 at 12.42.03Recently I have been asked by many of my readers to share my investment strategy.

Firstly I believe in having Multiple Streams of Income as I mentioned in that article. The first six streams are very self- explanatory but I like to concentrate on  Income Stream 7: Your 7th stream of income is made up of investments ranging from the low risk to high-risk investments.

I have tried the high-risk and even the medium-risk and most of them are schemes which I have outlined in my article Why do people love schemes?

I concentrate on two investment vehicles namely Mirror Trading International and the Royal Investors Club.

Mirror Trading International is a real game-changer, not only am I in full control of my investment at all times and I can deposit and withdraw at any time, but the investment is Bitcoin-based so as the price of Bitcoin rises, so does the value of my investment.

The business of Mirror Trading International focuses on trading on the New York Nasdaq stock exchange and my account automatically mirrors the trades of the master traders. It is a real business arrangement, as the master traders and the company can only make money if they make money for me first. The results have been good and in the last 22 trading days, the profits have been just over 25%.

The investment with the Royal Investor Club gives me a fixed 10% monthly profit in U.S. Dollars and paid in Bitcoin. The investment term is only 6 months, I receive 50% in that period with my capital returned to me in the sixth month. I then start again for another 6 months. This is a more predictable income stream and one that I can budget with.

Royal Investor Club works with a multi-billion dollar privately owned property development and investment company who offers members an opportunity to join their exclusive investor club.

In summary, I start my investments in Mirror Trading International which allows me to add smaller amounts whenever I have them. I let this work for me and build up capital so that I can invest with the club and consolidate my earnings, which gives me a predictable monthly income in U.S. Dollars with the Royal Investors Club.

Should you require any further information about Mirror Trading International or Royal Investor Club please do not hesitate to contact me on WhatsApp +27824131604 or via email: richsimmondsza@gmail.com

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You and 3 Bitcoin – The Investors Tale

Screenshot 2019-06-08 at 18.24.16You have heard of Bitcoin, some of you may know a little and others would consider themselves advanced users. Regardless of how much knowledge you have about Bitcoin, the real question is do you own any Bitcoin?

Bitcoin has proven to be the best investment in the last decade and it is up 800% in the last 10 quarters (2.5 Years). It would take more than 8 years to deliver the same results if you were compounding money at 30% year-over-year.

Currently, the market capitalisation of Bitcoin is $140 Billion and it is possible that in the next bull run Bitcoin’s market capitalisation will exceed $1 Trillion. A long term prediction is that before 2045 (when the last Bitcoin is mined) the market cap of Bitcoin will surpass that of Gold which has a market capitalisation of over $7 Trillion.

What would the price of Bitcoin be at those market capitalisations?

Bitcoin Price $8,000  –  Market Cap. $141 Billion

Bitcoin Price $60,000  –  Market Cap. $1 Trillion

Bitcoin Price $360,000 –  Market Cap. $7,5 Trillion

Is this a feasible scenario?

Can Bitcoin reach the $60,000 level in the next Bull Run? Technically it can if you look at charts, but past performance is not a science. However, I see many traditional institutions warning against Bitcoin and this, in my opinion, is often a sign that they are buying Bitcoin. Adoption by retail, institutional investors and private people like retirees who don’t yet understand Bitcoin could see the adoption of Bitcoin increase 100 fold in the next year or two.

This is underpinned by the fact that people are losing faith in traditional authorities and institutions and are wanting to control their own financial destiny. Bitcoin is not only a social currency, but it has the ability to give intelligent people the power of self-determination.

As you will see Bitcoin is still in the early stages and you can grow with Bitcoin regardless of how little you own today.

You and 3 Bitcoin is the title of this article and that is a strategy that can be adopted. I am not saying put all your wealth into Bitcoin. Start small and build up until you have at least 3 Bitcoin or whatever you may be comfortable with.

3 is a good number, should the value reach $360,000 in the next few years you would be a US Dollar Millionaire. We can all dream but let’s look at a practical solution to get you to the place where you own 3 or more Bitcoins within the next 5 years.

Your Solution = Mirror Trading International (MTI)

MTI affords you the opportunity of keeping your Bitcoin in your own account whilst your account automatically trades using advanced software.

This way not only is your Bitcoin safe, but you will profit and earn more Bitcoin daily as your account profits from the mirror trading. Whilst your account is profiting and growing the number of Bitcoin in your account, the value of Bitcoin could increase with the pending bull run.

Currently, the minimum investment with MTI is 0.02 Bitcoin which at the current value of around $10000 per Bitcoin is $200 and that 0.02 would grow from the daily profits. Let’s assume you have doubled that in a few months to 0.06 Bitcoin and at the same time the price of Bitcoin has risen to $25000 per Bitcoin, the value of your investment would be over $1500. With compound growth, it could take you 3 to 5 years and you would have achieved the 3 Bitcoin you were aiming for.

If you had 3 Bitcoin, to begin with, you could be earning as much as one bitcoin per month based on some of the past results Mirror Trading International has achieved.

These are the possibilities of Bitcoin and perhaps it’s time to look at Bitcoin again?

If you would like more information about how you can get started with Bitcoin or Mirror Trading International please contact me:

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10 Things that Require ZERO Talent

Screenshot 2019-06-07 at 18.57.35When you consider these 10 things, you will realise that success is within your reach.

  1. Being On Time: Respect yourself and respect everyone else by being on time and keeping things to the point so that you respect the person you are meeting’s time.
  2. Work Ethic: I often hear people saying ‘we have a good work ethic’, no, getting the job done is the best work ethic you can have. Work cannot be benchmarked, getting the job done as quickly and efficiently as possible is what work is about.
  3. Effort: Keep on keeping on! The never give up attitude outworks everyone, every time. Remember that hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard!
  4. Body Language: Winning is about attitude and if you believe you can, then make sure your body is sending the same message.
  5. Energy: People trust consistency, it takes energy to be consistent and to become successful.
  6. (Choose Your) Attitude: How we react to our circumstances is a choice. These choices will always determine our attitude.
  7. Passion: Are you passionate enough to achieve your goal. It is your passion that will get you there.
  8. Being Coachable: Are you prepared to learn, unlearn and re-learn throughout your life? Will you choose to listen to others, take the criticism and compliments.
  9. Doing Extra: Everyone is delivering the mediocre, the average and the predictable. Will you be extraordinary and deliver more than was expected?
  10. Being Prepared: The Boy Scout motto is ‘Be Prepared’. Will you roll with the punches? Can you do the 10 Things consistently and still be prepared that everything will not be as you planned it to be?

When I look at these 10 Things, they are often what we call Emotional Intelligence (EQ). When we understand the concept of EQ, we realise that you can never say you are emotionally intelligent. These 10 things are what we need to focus on daily, so that we may achieve success.

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#Inspirational Story: Muhammad Ali – The Greatest


Muhammad Ali is one of the most successful boxers in the world. He was the first one to win a boxing world championship three times. He started boxing at the age of 12 and won his first world championship at the age of 22.

What can we learn from Muhammad Ali about winning?

1. Suffer now – celebrate later

Work hard for your future. Don’t wait for quick wins and never give up. Suffer now and celebrate later as a champion.

2. Winning is mental work

Winners are not made in the gym. It happens inside one’s head. If you really want to win, you need to have a burning desire to win, big dreams and a bright vision of where you want to be heading.

3. Positive affirmations generate belief

Ali was well known for how he shouted his affirmations before entering the boxing ring. His most well-known affirmations were: ”Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee. Nobody can beat Mohammad Ali.” and ”I am the greatest of all time.” People thought he was arrogant because of shouting these affirmations. Later he revealed that he repeated them only for himself because he was so afraid of entering the boxing ring. By repeating those affirmations he made himself the winning mindset.

4. Goals

Set yourself high goals and stick with them. Goals are the greatest source of energy.

5. Visualize yourself winning

Visualize the victory. Many times the human mind is full of fears and doubts. The competitive advantage of Ali was his ability to prepare for a victory, not the loss.

Image: https://pixabay.com/photos/muhammad-ali-professional-boxer-572571/
Article: https://blog.zef.fi/en/how-to-awaken-the-champion-within-you-3-inspirational-stories
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