Network Marketing – Who are you joining?

Screen Shot 2018-04-15 at 11.32.44I have heard people say “Nobody will sign up under me”. That’s just the truth, they won’t sign up under you. You know why? You haven’t signed up yourself!

“You can’t be followed until you start moving” – In real life, overtaking is allowed, though.

Some also say “I don’t believe it works”. You risked years going to school, paying fees, reading all night not knowing if you would score a good grade or even get a job after graduation; yet you took the risk. “The evidence is staring you in the face”.

Others say “I’m not sure it will last”. Like your salaried job; today you’re employed and  tomorrow you’re either retrenched or fired, but that didn’t stop you from getting up early and rushing to work today.

“Taking risk is risky, not taking risk is riskier”. Choose your risk wisely. Invest in a system that you believe in and others will buy your belief.

Think about that!

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In business for yourself, but not by yourself.

Screen Shot 2018-04-15 at 11.24.28

We all have this deep desire to be free and do the things that make us happy. We often have the idea that we will open our own business and earn our own money, make our own rules and change the world. Can this happen? Can we make this a reality in our lives? Will we be free?

A business owner, and especially a small business owner, is often referred to as an entrepreneur, but does owning a business make you an entrepreneur? Simply, yes, but by true definition you are only really an entrepreneur if you can solve other people’s problems, and if they are prepared to compensate you accordingly. This sounds ideal, but is it really that simple? I don’t think so.

What are the problems I am referring to here, what problems can we solve for people? Well the bad news is, they actually have money problems and they are trying, just as hard as you, to accumulate the money they need in order to survive, pay the bills and educate their children. We have not even started on the lifestyle, which they feel entitled to have considering they work so hard for the bit of money they do have.

Let’s look at the concept of money: As we know, most people work for money, effectively they exchange their time for money. This concept is all about supply and demand, if your skill is in short supply you can negotiate to be paid a little more money than someone whose skill can be found everywhere.

Similarly the person starting a business often provides a service and exchanges time for money, he becomes slightly more successful when he is able to duplicate some of his efforts by employing some more people to offer the service with him and therefore earns a little extra from the efforts of others. The same can be said of a person starting a manufacturing concern, if you have enough capital to set up the factory, then you can employ (get people to exchange time for money) others to work in the factory and hopefully duplicate your efforts quicker and earn some real money. This, however, will take plenty of capital. If you don’t have enough capital you could always borrow some from the banks and therefore duplicate the banks’ efforts, causing them to earn good money from your efforts.

You made have heard the term ‘let your money work for itself’, or a recent advertising campaign in South African where a local bank suggested that your money is going about making lots of little ‘money babies’ for you. The concept is cute, but many people will tell you that you cannot save yourself rich and working will not make you rich. However many people will try because they actually believe their money can work for them.

This concept of having your money work for you is actually your pride suggesting that you have enough, that now you are entitled to be the boss and use your money for you and not actually to work for you. At this stage we often see people paying others to do the things they normally did for themselves, you always mowed your own lawn, cleaned your own car and cooked your own food but now ‘the concept of convenience’ has suggested you no longer need to waste your time doing that. You can outsource that to others and use your time more effectively to make some more money. If this is how we do things, we need to congratulate ourselves as we give the worldwide economy the impetus it needs. In fact economists all over the world have been studying these behavioural patterns for centuries and you will just be part of history.

According to Einstein doing the same thing again and again expecting a different outcome is insanity, so by definition we are more insane than Einstein…

Work for Money?
If we work for money we get paid according to our effort and the agreement we have entered into is ‘our time is equivalent to a certain sum of money’

Solution : Allow Money to work for Money
If I am exchanging my time for money, there is a moral dilemma as I am effectively asking someone else to become poorer so that I may become richer, this is a win/lose situation.

How then do we create a win/win situation? Well if I can help you make money, then will you not be prepared to give me some of the money you never had in the first place? Yes you would be silly if you thought that was unfair, so instead of me begging for some money in exchange for some of my time we could both benefit from this idea.

This is true entrepreneurship, this solution is more than a solution and the possibilities are infinite, no one loses and there is a potential to get rich – and you have just broken all the rules everyone ever believed about money.

You need to work on you, and allow money to work for money. It is an unlearning process more than it is a learning process. As Jim Rohn says ‘Formal education will make you a living; self-education will make you a fortune’.

If this message resonated with you in any way, if you would like to explore new possibilities, I am looking for like minded people to work with – contact me at

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No Support from your Network Marketing Upline can actually be to your advantage.

Article by Ray Higdon

Screen Shot 2018-04-15 at 10.58.02

Do you have no local support from your network marketing upline? If so, this could actually be to your advantage.
Here I explain exactly how to create success despite having no upline and no warm market.
No Support From Your Network Marketing Upline
The question that is way to common, “There’s no local support, what do you suggest?”
By saying there’s no local support, that indicates to me that you feel that may be a requirement, of which there is not. There is no requirement for local support.
You can look at it a couple of different ways.
Most people will find the negative in any situation. So if there’s no local support they’ll be like, sad face. Or if there is a lot of support they will be like “Oh, the market so saturated.”
Whereas the winner will say, “Oh my gosh, no one in my city knows about it? Rock on!” Or they’ll see it when there’s a lot of people and they’ll say, “Holy crap, the support here’s amazing!”
Just know that local support, great upline, abundance of support from friends and family, are all NICE TO HAVES.
If you have them, nice. Congrats.
Oh you got a good upline? Oh they actually return your calls? Congrats, that’s so cool. Not a requirement.
Oh your friends and family they don’t mock you? They don’t call you an idiot and say you’re in a scam? That’s so cool. Not a requirement.
Success In Network Marketing
People create success NOT because they had a lack of obstacles or an abundance of support. They create success because they were going to create success.
They created success whether you air shipped them to the middle of the Antarctic, or if they’re in the ghetto. People who are going to create success are going to create success.
So my suggestion to you is just understand the obstacle is the way. If there’s no local support, perfect. If there’s an abundance of local support, perfect. If you don’t have support from your friends and family, perfect. If you have people mocking you and calling you names, perfect.
Two Words To Embrace For Success In Network Marketing
So you have to make it, you have to embrace two words. The word until, and the word despite.
You’ve got to do the work, and the work sucks. The work is no fun. If you don’t feel like quitting in a couple days or in a week, then you’re probably not working hard enough. Unless you have achieved a level of success already, keep going until.
I know people that they get in network marketing, 30 days later they’re like, “I don’t think this is working out.” They never should’ve joined. Just go buy some quesadillas or something. Have some enjoyment out of your money. Why would you ever join a network marketing company for 30 days? It makes no sense. None. What were you thinking would happen in 30 days? Some miracle?
The word until. I’m going to do the work until.
I’m going to create success despite. Despite friends and family making fun of me. Despite people who are writing nasty articles about me. Despite those talking behind my back. Despite being in foreclosure, being dead broke, being having to duck and dodge bill collectors.
So despite all that stuff. Despite the bad childhood. Despite being dead broke. Despite having failed in a bunch of different companies. Despite not having support. Despite being made fun of. Despite being in a company that that company right then had no resources, no sales tools, no flyers, no business card, no brochures, nothing.
You can create success despite ALL obstacles. And I do mean all. Despite health conditions. Despite marital problems. Despite everything in your life, you can create success, and when you do, that’s inspiration.

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15 Reasons Why People join MLM Opportunities

Screen Shot 2018-04-15 at 11.02.42

  1. Recognition and Appreciation – Our greatest desire as humans is to be recognized. However recognition and appreciation in the context of employment are seldom experienced, as many people believe that receiving a weekly or monthly salary is the reason you came to work. The money we receive is obviously important, but we look for something extra in everything we do. The something extra is called humanity and we expect to be treated in a way that recognizes us for the talents and abilities that we have. MLM (Multi Level Marketing) or Network Marketing provides real recognition as you are truly part of a team, your success will always contribute to the success of the team and you will be recognized for the success you bring to the team. This is unlike the corporate world where when we contribute to the success of the team, the leader gets the recognition and we perpetually hope that they may give us a small performance bonus, which is usually absorbed by cost cutting initiatives to ensure the directors get huge bonuses for all the so-called ‘hard work’ they do.

  2. Exponential Business and Personal Growth – I believe our purpose is to grow, that is the basic principle of life. Therefore when we are growing we are fulfilling our purpose. We grow when we make a difference in our lives and the lives of others. If we fail to make a difference we stagnate, and that is often where we find ourselves when the mundane and the routine sucks the life out of us. When we put in our best effort and we work hard we would like to see the fruits of our labour, yet the system is designed to use us and advance the system. Often the system does not want us to grow as we would then be overqualified for the job we are in. MLM gives you an opportunity to grow beyond your wildest dreams, the possibilities are endless – very soon you could be the leader of an organization of over 5000 people. To achieve that result you would have had to grow, and your business would have grown exponentially.

  3. Avoid starting life in Debt – Most of us have been sold the 40 year lie: Go to school, get good grades so that you can get to university to study for a degree so that you can get a good job. Did you know that the average student who completes university has at least a debt of $50000. I am not saying don’t study, but do avoid debt at all costs. By joining an MLM company and utilizing your free time to setup an income stream for yourself, you can decide on what field of study is really interesting to you, as opposed to pursuing a field that has more definite short term earning potential. Choosing the wrong career and wanting to be free is one of the reasons people start businesses and join MLM companies late in life. Why wait? Empower yourself and get the chance to make the right decisions for your life without the regrets that many people have.

  4. Work for the next 50 Years? – Yes, no matter how old you are now, would you really want to work for the next 50 years? Due to downsizing, the financial situation and business failure my father worked until he was 82. It was only then that he could finally relax and within the next year and a half, he passed away. Would you like that to be your legacy? Will people remember you for always working, or will you have the freedom to travel, valuable time with your family, be able to volunteer for charitable causes and make a difference in the lives of others?

  5. Inflation Shrinking your Earnings – We all work for a very similar reason and that is in the hope that one day we will have more money at the end of the month that what we need. Well if that was true, the credit industry would be shrinking and there would be far more people who are happy with what they are earning. Unfortunately inflation catches up with us and we often need to resort to expensive credit just to survive. This worsens our financial reality and often leads to stress and heart attacks. Inflation is a reality, it is never going to go away, so the only alternative is to get a second, even third job and work yourself to death just to maintain the payments. MLM gives you the opportunity to change the inevitable and earn more than you require monthly.

  6. Internet Based Business (Work Anywhere) – The internet has changed our lives, but few have actually utilized the opportunity effectively. We have been conditioned to look for opportunities where we are, as opposed to going to where the opportunity is. MLM offers the ability to find the people who are looking for the opportunity as opposed to trying to convince those who don’t want the opportunity that they need it. Good MLM opportunities will train you how to use the internet as your greatest tool as opposed to training you how to lose friends and irritate people. I personally have an ethical problem with MLM companies who teach that your financial success is more important than your broke friends. That is not what we are called to do and that is not making a difference in the lives of others.

  7. Build your dream, not someone else’s – Do you have a dream, can you build on your dream in the situation you currently find yourself in? Invariably you cannot and the reality is you are usually helping someone else build their dream. The only way to make a dream come true is to work on building your own dream. MLM gives you the freedom to dream your own dreams, set your own goals and accomplish the things that are important to you.

  8. Like Minded People – They say birds of a feather flock together. In the world of MLM you will find many people from diverse backgrounds but there is one golden thread, and that is that they are interested in helping others succeed. Africa has a principle called Ubuntu which says “I am who I am, because of who you are”. In no other industry have I experienced the spirit of Ubuntu being so strong as in the MLM industry. MLM is not unique, it is actually a concept that is so in line with life and that is what gives MLM its true power.

  9. Job Security – the 9-5 Jobs are extinct – The job market has changed and no one is sure about what the next wave may be. You could be working for a company today and tomorrow the product or service is no longer in demand. As much as the company would like to be loyal and keep you, they cannot keep you if they cannot make a profit so that they can pay your salary. MLM connects you to people, and as they say your network is your net worth. Build a network before you need it, as it is never wise to start digging a well when you are thirsty, you need to dig it long before you need it.

  10. Pay it Forward (The Gratitude Principle) – When we find something good and have received value out of it, would you not share it with those you cared for? Yes, you more than likely would.  We help others because we have been helped and we share opportunities with others just like we were shown an opportunity. This the gratitude principle of the MLM business. BUT here you need to be honest about the benefit you received and this is where the true power of MLM comes into effect – just like any power it has a good side and a bad side. You need to make sure you are sharing something that is truly good because you have experienced it and you are not using people to benefit yourself. This is probably the biggest reason why people fail in the MLM business, and for that matter why any business may fail. Remember people are not buying the opportunity when they join an MLM company, they are joining you and the belief you have – don’t use people for your gain. Never forget your purpose is to make a difference in the lives of other people.

  11. Double your income yearly – In MLM your efforts are rewarded and people who are willing to put in that little more effort will see the results, often seeing their business double in size and income yearly. This will not happen overnight and typically will take a few years to create this kind of momentum. As they say ‘fortune has always favored the bold’.

  12. Lifestyle – If you would like a lifestyle that is different from everyone, you must be prepared what to do others don’t. MLM is the vehicle that enables the type of lifestyle you never thought was possible. Make no mistake, nothing comes easy in life – so be prepared to work hard and endure the challenges that the road to success will throw in your path.

  13. Real Financial Freedom – Wisdom has always been coupled to Financial Freedom and in the MLM industry you need not only to work hard, but you need wisdom too. I have seen many great opportunities and they fit into different parts of our lives. Some opportunities are great and they give you more lifestyle benefits than income, so know what you looking for before deciding on the type of MLM company you join.  It’s great to have frequent flyer points, but most frequent fliers never earn enough points to actually redeem them. Know and fully understand the actual value you are getting before joining. Some opportunities have monthly fees that will force you to spend even more of your hard earned money and then, when you are eventually earning, erode your earnings by making you spend to keep your position active. The other HUGE misconception in MLM is the so called ‘Residual Income” or “Passive Income’. Very few MLM opportunities actually give you passive income. They need you firstly to have active teams, so that you can earn a passive income. So how do you keep your team active when you are not there to motivate and work with them? Let me assure you it is almost impossible and you may never be able to go very far from your teams for an extended period of time. So find the opportunity that does not require you to be the magic. Good opportunities are easily understandable, making them easy for your people to duplicate and thus freeing your time up to concentrate on other activities.

  14. Tax Advantages like the Rich – Did you know that rich people pay less tax than most of us? Yes, because people in business get the tax advantages of having a business and claiming expenses. By having your own MLM business you can be entitled to deduct expenses like travel, conferences, accommodation and entertainment. Tax varies from country to country, but all allow legitimate business expenses to be deducted from the final tax you pay. Speak to a tax advisor and he can assist you in getting the most from your money.

  15. Retire Wealthy – We all have a concept of retirement, but few of us understand what it means to be wealthy. Wealthy by definition is taking your net worth, then determining what it costs to live on a monthly basis and divide it by your net worth, this will tell you how wealthy you actually are. An example would be if you had $500000 and it costs you $5000 a month to live, presuming you would never earn anything again you would be able to survive for 100 months or 8.3 years. You need to determine what you would consider as real wealth. However if you had $5 Million and you only needed $ 5000 per month you could consider yourself truly wealthy. You would have enough to sustain yourself, perhaps relocate and even leave some money to your children.

I have been involved in Multi Level and Network Marketing for over 20 years, I encourage you to consider the challenge the industry provides. I would be glad to share more of my experiences with you and answer any questions you may have. Please feel free to email me at

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(Press Release) Volkswagen and Dyer Island Conservation Trust turn on the lights of Joburg’s first lighthouse

Picture1To create awareness for the conservation efforts of the Dyer Island Conservation Trust, Volkswagen brought the ocean to Joburg and created the Dyer Island Inland Lighthouse – Joburg’s first lighthouse.

Sneak peeks 002 med_previewWhile lighthouses traditionally face out to sea, warning sailors of approaching land, Volkswagen created the Dyer Island Inland Lighthouse facing in the opposite direction to enlighten South Africans of the dangers of plastic waste to our oceans and its creatures.

The symbolic lighthouse is built using recycled plastic bottles, creating a spectacular light installation and goes up in The Zone @Rosebank from 30 November until 3 December 2017. The purpose of the installation is to educate South Africans about the importance of conservation efforts focused on our fragile marine eco-system, just before Joburgers flock to the beaches for the Festive Season. Not only that, the lighthouse also rewards visitors who drop plastic bottles or waste into our recycling bin by shining its lights brightly in gratitude.

The interactive installation also encourages passers by to take a brave stand against plastic waste by taking a picture in the plastic-waste created Jellyfish Insta-booth and sharing these on social media as a commitment to our oceans. For those wanting to dive right in and support the cause – and take home a token – they can donate towards the trust at the craft table. Here local crafters turn trash into treasure by creating the marine icons of Dyer Island, like penguins and sharks, out of the very material putting their futures in danger.

Sneak peeks 046 med_previewTo spark conversation on social media, Volkswagen are also asking SA to share their wishes for the world by using #VWWishForTheWorld. “Volkswagen’s wish for the world is to be at the forefront of creating a more sustainable future and we are humbled to work with passionate partners like the Dyer Island Conservation Trust who help us make this wish come true,” commented Meredith Kelly, Head of Marketing at Volkswagen South Africa, partners and supporters of Dyer Island and the ocean’s future.

Individually we are one drop, together we are an ocean – Ryunosuke Satoro

The Lighthouse will be at The Zone in Rosebank Mall from Thursday 30 November – Sunday 3 December.

 For more information on the Dyer Island Conservation Trust, read here:


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(Press Release) National #LeadershipStandards Journey to be launched to develop and guide South African Leaders

Screen Shot 2017-09-04 at 5.12.12 PMJohannesburg, 4 September 2017 South Africa is calling for leaders who can share, develop and create the change they want to see, but people seldom know exactly which qualities their leaders should have.

A standard for leadership journey will therefore start in September 2017 to create a framework with a clear standard on what is acceptable and unacceptable leadership behaviour, says Marius Meyer, CEO of the SA Board for People Practices (SABPP).

“Leadership fulfills a pivotal role in the economic future of the country and the right leadership in all spheres of society can create the kind of country we want. If we want to change leadership, we must create dynamic leaders who can unlock and develop South Africa’s talent to improve performance in all economic and social areas,” Meyer says.

The SABPP in partnership with Talent Talks and Wits Enterprise will hold two National Leadership Standard Journey events, with the aim to draft a leadership standard framework that can be used to guide and develop South African leaders.

As part of the journey, stakeholders will debate their role in the leadership landscape, while it will also create a powerful platform to motivate people in business and government to take action. The first event will take place in Johannesburg on 14 September 2017, where participants will discuss the five elements of leadership.

“The standard will create a picture of the key elements of leadership to guide leaders in their thinking and actions as they lead their organisations and people. It will show leaders in simple terms what is expected of them and form the basis of understanding current failures of leadership in many sectors. We want to move away from appointing leaders without leadership skills to encouraging good leadership behaviour and practices,” Meyer explains.

The issues of vision, ethics, governance, responsibility, accountability, purpose, trust, decision-making and influence will be included in the standard. The leadership standard journey will continue until pockets of excellence are replicated to multiply leadership success stories. A leadership network will also be formed to ensure that leaders are supported by their peers and leadership experts.

The standard will be developed in a collaborative manner on 14 September and formally
launched at the 5th Annual HR Standards conference on 26 October.

Further people management standards will be developed in 2018 to support the leadership standard and guide all managers to become better managers of people and unlock the potential of their people and organisations.

  • The first full-day event will be held at the Theatre on the Track, Kyalami, on 14 September 2017 followed by a second on 26 October 2017. The event will feature
    powerful speakers and a special leadership panel representing top professional bodies.
  • For more details and to register for the event visit

Issued on behalf of Leadership Standard Journey
For more information contact:
Lunice Johnston Communication
Lunice Johnston
Mobile : +27 82 824 6384

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Some tips for travelling to Sunny South Africa

Do you know what a Braai is? Find out in this article.

The Lost Executive

Businesses and business people in South Africa have an energy that you will not see anywhere else in the world. Without sounding too political, the business men and women in the country have learned that if they want to get ahead they need to do so inspite of those in charge of running the country. Therefore, they have an approach to business which is refreshing and direct. Here are some tips from an expat Durban Boy about business in SA.

  1. Meeting at a braai is completely allowed especially for big business. People are busy during working hours, especially South Africans who are famous for getting in and working tirelessly. Take the meeting outside. South Africa is blessed with so many natural places of interest and beautiful scenery and a genuine love for outdoor braais (barbecues) and beer that it sets a perfect icebreaking scenario. (also South African’s love an excuse…

View original post 355 more words

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(Press Release) Fresh, friendly, ultra-stylish Italian opens in Sandton

Issued on behalf of:  Martin Louw, Septimo, 083 974 4120
By: Inky Dresner, Colourworks, 083 2977981;

On the 7th of the 7th of 2017 – Septimo (meaning ‘seventh’) opened on the Square

Looking for a contemporary, vibey venue that feels approachable and serves great food? You’ll find it on Sandton Square from Friday, July 7, when a very friendly and stylish Italian restaurant opened its magnificent doors.

US-based businessmen Andreas Kaiafas and Paul Lycos teamed up with South African restaurateur, Martin Louw, to bring an international-standard restaurant to Joburg – South Africa’s most cosmopolitan city. Paul literally grew up in his parents’ Italian restaurant in Philadelphia and Martin Louw has spent 20 years working in the top restaurants and hotels internationally and locally. The three restaurateurs make a formidable team.

Well-known architect, David Borchardt, brought their smart, modern vision to life. David used copper and stained concrete to craft an on-trend, industrial-look-and-feel, then ingeniously added layers of sophisticated wood to softened the space, adding elements of friendliness and warmth to the modern atmosphere. The popular brother-and-sister team, Mike and Rita Collaro, from Collaro Design, expertly added the furniture and fixtures. The result is an industrial-yet-soft feast for the eyes that would be at home in the trendiest Milano neighbourhood.

The fresh, seasonal cuisine is prepared by chef Nikita Zoulis, with his outstanding ability to transform ideas into incredible food. They have kept their delicious menu small, concentrating instead on seasonal and sustainable produce. Most of the food can be traced directly back to the source, literally to the farm the meat came from, or the boat the fish was caught on.

Septimo is a multi-purpose space, offering a New York-style Italian deli; a chef’s table – the best place to view the theatre that is the open kitchen; and daily fresh bread to entice the senses. There is also an uber sexy bar with deliciously soft lighting that makes everyone look gorgeous.

Sit on the patio, people-watching over the square, while you enjoy a long, lazy lunch. Or sit inside with friends and family enjoying each other’s company in the great atmosphere. Septimo offers something for everyone. If you only have time for an on-the-go sandwich, they’ll make you one; if you want a quick thin-crust pizza, they’ll give you that too. If you have more time to enjoy the stunning space, sit and be delighted by the fantastic homemade pasta and the most divine ‘sin free’ flourless chocolate torte.




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History is Made: Bitcoin Prices Top $2,000 to Set New All-Time High via @CoinDesk

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Comfort Zones are not comfortable

Screen Shot 2017-04-26 at 11.11.07 AMOur comfort zones are where we deceive ourselves, and in our comfort zones nothing grows. Comfort zones are free of criticism, challenges and anything that will actually stretch us. We can only grow when we are challenged, criticized and experience some pain so that we force ourselves to say … I know there is something better for me.

The comfort zone is often the place people desire to be. However more often than not they use the perceived comfort zone as an excuse. People say “I will focus on that when my current challenge is past”, or if they are not so introspective, they will simply say that the time is not right. So when will the time be right? Well, that would be  when they find themselves in a comfort zone, and then as you may have guessed we are so comfortable in our own self-deception that we will never make a decision to actually focus on something worth focusing on. There is really no need as they have decided to believe their own self-deception.

Comfort zones are not comfortable, yet we would like to believe they are. Self-deception is when we believe the lies we tell ourselves. The only way to grow is to be honest, ask yourself the following critical questions daily:

  1. How did I grow today?
  2. Did I make a difference in someone’s life today?
  3. What did I do today that scared me?
  4. Will something that I did today contribute to my future success?
  5. Was I open and honest with myself today?
  6. Was I open to criticism so that I may grow?
  7. Did I choose to be kind, instead of being right today?

Each day we are faced with a choice, either to stagnate or grow. I do hope that we can all make a decision to grow daily as we will become better partners, parents, friends and colleagues … The choice is yours.

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