Dreams and Goals

Screenshot 2020-02-16 at 11.37.20Mark Twain said that you are going to need a dream, in order to make a dream come true. Can you still dream, or are you like me who over many years lost my ability to dream? I know we can all dream about winning the lottery and having lots of money, but I am talking about real dreams and doing things that are important to you.

I hear the phrase ‘you need dreams and goals’ too often and these sayings, although they seem to be important and the right thing to do, often lack meaning for ourselves.

I often dreamed of getting myself a nice jacket and then just when you almost have the money, you damage your car tyre and then you realise that you actually need to replace all your tyres. The jacket remains a dream and coincidentally once you think you may have enough again, you need to buy a new pair of sports shoes for your child and the jacket idea is put on hold once more. Life happens and often our dreams move so far away from us that even when we asked what we would like, or what our dreams are, we forget what was once important to us.

How can we restore our ability to dream? There are techniques but it is only when we start achieving our dreams that we start seeing possibilities for dreaming on a larger scale. Set yourself dreams that you know you can accomplish and this will open the way for you to dream bigger dreams.

Are goals important? Setting yourself goals that you can achieve in 3, 6 and 12 months are good. For goals to be effective they must be measurable over time. A goal should always be a bit more than you know what you can comfortably achieve and even if they take slightly longer than you plan, remember it is achieving the goal that is more important than the actual time frame.

Why is ‘having money’ an ineffective goal? Many people say they would like to have money, but how much money is that? Because most of us do not know what it would be like to have the money we are dreaming about, the goal becomes very vague as we have no timeframe or we would not be able to say we have achieved the goal.

Having money to be able to achieve our goals, is often part of the goal, but it is not usually a goal, unless we have specifically set out to make a million by a certain time. Unless you are the proverbial Uncle Scrooge who just wants to have millions so you can be greedy and hoard it, having a goal to have money is actually meaningless.

Is success possible? Yes it is, when we break up our goals into smaller measurable parts and we align them with our dreams and achieve each of these small dreams along the way. This becomes the inspiration many of us need on our paths to achieving success.

When we work at achieving our goals instead of just working to survive we find more meaning in our work and often we achieve success quicker. With that said you may need to find something that has the potential to reward you when you do find the inspiration to work, so often we need to look beyond our current stream of income.

Dreaming may seem easy, but in reality it takes work and you will need to work harder than you normally do in order to reach your goals and fulfill your dreams.

By now you may be wondering if I ever reached my goal or achieved my dream of getting myself a nice jacket! To be quite honest I now have more than one nice jacket, and I am will be getting a beautiful coat I have long admired later this year when I travel abroad. It’s been a tough road getting to where I am today, but I have persevered, and I am eternally grateful that I am now able to dream again, and dream even bigger than I ever imagined would be possible.

So don’t give up, open your heart and your mind to the possibilities of dreaming, reach out, and make it happen.

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No Focus – No Success

Screenshot 2020-02-07 at 12.20.39Success is within everyone’s grasp, yet success is not achieved by many. Regardless of what you want to achieve you will need to be focused. If you want a good relationship you need to focus on the person with whom you have a relationship, and not be distracted by everyone else you think you could have a relationship with.

In every aspect of life, if you desire success you need to focus on the thing that is most important to you. I remember my Mom suggested that if I wanted to get more business I should join the golf club, but I soon realised that I would need to make a choice to either be a good golfer or a good businessman. Yet many of the people I met at the golf club had another idea, and they were on their way to being successful drinkers. That is the funny reality about life, if you don’t focus – you will become like a lazy river and follow the easiest path. Some of you might point out that a river eventually cuts through rock, but that makes my point more clear – the river only succeeds in cutting through the rock because it constantly works on that one point!

You can become anything you want and you can be successful at it. But if you try being successful at more than one thing, realise that you have given up the possibility of real success in both of those things.

Many opportunities come our way in life, we must make choices and then stick to the choice you have made and work as hard as you possibly can on that one thing to achieve success. If you believe there is something else then forfeit what you are doing and become laser focused on the thing you believe in. That is the foundation of success!

“Most people have no idea of the giant capacity we can immediately command when we focus all of our resources on mastering a single area of our lives.”
Tony Robbins



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The Bitcoin Advantage

Screenshot 2020-01-30 at 14.34.30Bitcoin is not regulated as it is not considered to be a currency according to the law. How can this be an advantage you may ask?

If that is truly your concern I am sure you think that all governments are transparent and honest, that the world has no corruption and that economies are never manipulated. If that is your opinion then please stop reading this article now, as you will be severely disrupted.

Bitcoin was created due to the Global Financial Crisis of 2008, when the creator Satoshi Nakamoto realised that normal people needed a safe haven from financial storms. The first Bitcoin was mined in 2010 and 10 years later in 2020 there is more and more interest in Bitcoin, and it continues to strengthen. Not only has it become stronger amongst computer geeks but it is constantly the talking point of governments, banks and authorities worldwide.

How can something that is not considered to be a currency pose such a threat to the global policymakers? More and more authorities are recognising the potential of Bitcoin and the possibilities that Bitcoin could be a dominant currency in the very near future.

Traditionally central banks and governments have full control of currency and they can print as much currency as they wanted. This action of introducing new money into the economy devalues the currency and allows inflation to become the accepted norm in society. Inflation results in everyone having less value from their money, and forces people to look for credit to try to make ends meet.

Bitcoin on the other hand has a limited supply, there will only ever be 21 Million Bitcoin. So instead of just printing or mining more (as in the case of Bitcoin) as increasingly more people need Bitcoin, the finite supply has an de-inflationary effect in that the value of Bitcoin rises instead of decreasing.

Bitcoin vs Friends and Family – you will wonder why I have added this sub title. The answer is simple, when you talk to your friends and family about Bitcoin the responses will be varied, from those who know everything to those who know nothing. Those that know nothing but have heard of Bitcoin are usually the worst as they would have probably heard something negative about Bitcoin, like it is used by terrorists and drug dealers. These people keep forgetting that terrorists and drugs have been around for decades, and you have to wonder if people believe every bit of propaganda coming from the mainstream media.

Of course the other consideration is that when you tell your friends and family about Bitcoin, they may just be incredibly jealous and hope that they can discourage you. Even if they never plan to buy Bitcoin, they would rather discourage you, just in case you become the next Bitcoin millionaire!

Bitcoin and Tax – I am not a tax expert and Bitcoin is not taxed. However when you sell your Bitcoin for normal currency and you have made a profit you will need to declare the income and thus pay tax. If you are unsure of the tax situation with Bitcoin, please speak to a qualified tax professional.

Bitcoin is the future and it would be to your advantage to consider having some Bitcoin. You can buy as little or as much as you want. It is estimated that about 27 Million people own some Bitcoin and currently there are just over 18 Million of the 21 Million Bitcoin that will ever be in circulation. Imagine when more people adopt Bitcoin, the demand will rise and the price of Bitcoin will skyrocket.

Currently $200 is about 0.02137614 Bitcoin and owing that much Bitcoin has the possibility of changing your financial future as the price of Bitcoin continues to rise. Some experts in the industry are predicting that a single Bitcoin that is worth $9,400 currently could be worth $50,000 to $100,000 by the end of the year.

Other predictions are putting Bitcoin at $1,000,000 within the next 10 years. This means that the Bitcoin you have today that is valued at $200 could easily be worth $20,000 in the next 10 years.

Bitcoin is definitely something worth considering.

Image: https://unsplash.com/photos/3Xwt3uzWFHE
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Is Success a forgotten art?

pexels-photoWhen I was a teenager I had the impression that leaders and people with authority had power, but as I get older I notice that leaders and people with authority have become weak and will accept anything as long as they are not called to be accountable.

These figures (yes, that is what authority and leadership has been reduced to) only seem to want to have the title, and at the same time please everyone. Most leaders are afraid to make a stand and many wonder why they are unsuccessful as a leader. They may have failing relationships and cannot make a real success of business.

The answer is simple and it brings my back to the first line of this article. The truth is that they have forgotten they have authority, and if they have not forgotten they are simple scared to exercise that authority.

In this ultimate effort to please everyone the leader has forgotten that leadership is about setting an example and giving people something they can follow. This is something we are all guilty of and an area we can all improve in. Let’s look at the three different aspects mentioned here and I will discuss each of these separately: relationships, leadership and ultimately, success.

Relationships – everything begins with our personal relationships that we have with our loved ones and family. Can we honestly say we are putting our best into our relationships? Are we setting an example by making decisions that cause our families to function better, so that there is a loving and safe environment for people to grow and thrive in? Or do we rather do everything to keep the peace and avoid tough decisions?This is the conflict we so often try to avoid, but it is these challenges that cause us to grow.

Leadership – are we serving others and thinking about their best interests, do we set an example in our community? Are we actually giving people an example of caring, without going so far that our happy go lucky, please everyone attitude makes people feel unsafe. We need to take a stand and have an opinion about something, otherwise the person who complains the most may be the only example people get to witness. When things are wrong, are you prepared to fix them? This is what leadership and serving others is about, or are you thinking someone else can do it?

Success – deep down we all have a desire to be successful in one way or another. Success is a combination of relationships and leadership. No one can say they are successful by themselves and we need to work with people in order to become successful. This involves sharing ideas and caring for people, which may sound like selling, and you will get some rejection. Remember the conflict in relationships is just as much part of relationships as it is part of leadership and success.

Learn to embrace conflict but don’t get involved in the actual conflict. All you need to do is be gracious and kind, knowing that whatever you are suggesting is an new idea to the person, and it is human nature to reject something that is unfamiliar.

Expect that the person will reject your idea or your proposal, but it is your task to show them the possibilities should you wish to be successful in relationships, leadership and business. If you can endure, if you can continue when others give up, you will experience the success that is reserved for those who continuously strive to become great partners, outstanding leaders and super successful business people.

These are all choices that only you can make and I wish you every success.

Image: https://www.pexels.com/photo/marketing-school-business-idea-21696/

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Your Truth could be your excuse

pexels-photo-684387Success is a decision away, that makes success sound easy, but the reality is unless you make a decision to be successful you will always find another reason not to be successful.

That reason could even be your current truth. Your truth could be you are too busy surviving to think about being successful. You could even be having your first child or your terrible boss is making you work more than is reasonable.

One of the truths about success is that you cannot expect people to be reasonable and you cannot be reasonable with yourself. Think for a minute the reason why your boss is unreasonable is that his only focus is success. He can not afford to be reasonable with you as that will compromise his success.

The lesson that you can learn from your boss is that if you desire success, you will need to be unreasonable on yourself.

Too many times people are waiting for others to bring them success: it could be that you are expecting someone else to do something that will contribute to your success. You may be thinking like the boss.

However in most instances your success will depend on your efforts and if you can be a true Entrepeneur and duplicate your efforts and then get a small benefit from every effort you manage to duplicate.

In the affiliate marketing business I am involved in I hear many truths of people and why they are unable to build a successful affiliate network.

Here are 3 truths (which are actually excuses)

  1. Scared to share the opportunity. Whichever way you look at life, you are selling and the better you can get at selling the more you will grow and ultimately the more successful you will be.
  2. Waiting for spillover from your sponsor. Sometimes you will be lucky and you will receive an indirect benefit from someone else, it will happen in time and automatically, but never rely on this and never use it as an excuse.
  3. Hoping someone that you have introduced to the business will do more than you. The reality of any business is leadership and if you don’t set the example of doing more than you expect of them, how do you think they will do anything?

Success will be easier if you accept the truth that you need to make the decision to work until you have reached your goal.

Your Goal may be that you need an extra $300 per week to pay for private schooling or you may need $1000 per week to get out of debt. Whatever your goal is… Make sure it is big enough to drive you to success and then become unreasonable on yourself, be relentless is achieving your dreams.

I wish you every success.

Image: https://www.pexels.com/photo/photography-of-a-person-pointing-on-something-684387/
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The Bitcoin price is down! Do you see the opportunity?

Screenshot 2019-11-23 at 15.29.09Yes, the Bitcoin price just dropped by 16% in the last few days and some people are panicking. Would you be panicking if the price of fuel went down or if the price of your rent or your mortgage went down? No of course not, you would be more than happy as this would be a chance for you to save.

Black Friday is around the corner and everyone is looking for a bargain. Bitcoin has given you that bargain, as you will get more Bitcoin for your money.

Is Bitcoin not a currency? Bitcoin is a currency but because it is also the scarcest asset in the world, it will gain value, and for the last few years has been the top performing asset of them all. In fact even though Bitcoin is at a 6 month low, it is still 115% up on the lowest point of 2019, outperforming every other asset.

In real terms buying Bitcoin is currently giving you a 16% discount and therefore for the same amount of money you are getting 16% more Bitcoin.

No one can guarantee that you will make quick money if you buy Bitcoin now, but the chances are that 2020 will bring some significant gains in the price of Bitcoin.

Many people are skeptical about the growth of Bitcoin and are worried that the price will Bitcoin never rise again. So then let’s look at the scenario of Bitcoin never going up in value again – then effectively 1 Bitcoin would still be the price of 1 Bitcoin, but what if your Bitcoin could grow?

Mirror Trading International has a proposition for you and that is to grow your Bitcoin. Even if the price of Bitcoin never goes up significantly, the amount of Bitcoin you will have will be considerably more thus giving you a bigger asset base in Bitcoin.

Mirror Trading International trades your bitcoin using sophisticated proprietary trading software that trades forex using Bitcoin, making a profit in Bitcoin and thus growing your Bitcoin. Historically the growth is between 10-13% monthly, but historical results are not a guarantee of future results.

I have invested my Bitcoin with MTI and it is growing daily and compounding. The price of Bitcoin no longer worries me and I certainly take these buying opportunities to accumulate more Bitcoin at a cheaper price whenever I can.

For more information please contact me.


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Bitcoin 2019 and Beyond

Screenshot 2019-11-21 at 17.52.28I am a Bitcoin enthusiast and many people ask me what the Bitcoin price will be doing in the next 2 months, the next 6 months and the next 12 months. The exact answer is no one knows, but I will share my perspective with you, which is not financial advice in any way.

Why has the price not gone up to new highs this year? That is a relatively simple answer, because the guys with a lot of money wanted to teach you the greatest lesson you can learn in investing, and that is patience. If you believed the hype (and to a certain extent most of us would have liked to believe it) then you too could have imagined the Bitcoin price rising to $16000 or even $25000, to a new all time high. Of course that would not have been a lesson in patience. Everyone would be scrambling to see where they can buy Bitcoin making sure they don’t lose out. No, instead those who bought at $14000 have given up and the vast majority of them have sold at a loss.

Patience and being able to hold onto what you have is the skill needed when it comes to investing. Overall from the beginning of 2019 and the lows of February till now, even with the current price drop, the gain is still over 120% for the year. Bitcoin out-performs all the other assets so don’t believe all the negatively that the press constantly puts out.

What will price price do in the next 2 months? Again no one is sure but we may see a price movement down to the lower $6000’s before we see a rise to levels sub $10000 in the early new year.

In the next 6 months – due to the halvening of the Bitcoin mining block reward we could see prices around the $10000 to $14000 levels, but in my opinion there will not be any significant moves in the next 6 months.

It is more likely that some movement may happen in the next 12-24 Months and prices may then reach new all time highs.

Do I worry if the Bitcoin price never goes above $10000 again? Fortunately I have invested my Bitcoin with Mirror Trading International and the objective of the company is to grow my Bitcoin. This is done by using Bitcoin as the base currency, therefore all profits are accrued to my trading account in Bitcoin. When the price of Bitcoin rises so does the value of my asset, which is growing daily.

Currently the results from the trading with Mirror Trading International average around 0,5% per day and with compounding of my interest it could result in a doubling of my asset base (the amount of Bitcoin I have) in 6 to 7 months. Remember historical results are not an indication of future results.

If you would like to find out more, please do not hesitate to contact me directly.


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90 Days of Hard Work can make you Successful

Screenshot 2019-11-17 at 19.58.51Firstly my intention is to help people, but if you are someone who would like to be successfully lazy, I don’t want to waste your time! Please go and watch some YouTube videos or watch TV, this article is not for you.

“A dream doesn’t become reality through magic, it takes sweat, determination and hard work.” – Colin Powell

The average person who is not scared of hard work may be lacking the focus or perhaps has not found something to work hard at yet. If you have an idea, get started. If you don’t have an idea, copy someone else’s idea – you  may just find you outwork someone else in achieving their own idea. If you don’t have an idea, find an opportunity with a system you can follow.

Will it work? Most people never start because they fear they will fail. In reality if they just started, if they just did something, they would have discovered if it could work for them. Most of the time you will invariably discover what does not work for you and this enables you to focus on the things that will work.

In my life as an example I struggled for many years in traditional sales and marketing, but when digital and social media came along I excelled. This could have been because of the failures that I had experienced in sales and marketing, and the understanding I gained from these.

When it comes to work, the short answer is, “yes it will work, if you do!”

Will my idea fail? Often an idea does not fail, the person attempting the idea fails to keep trying. Success comes when you are prepared to work and never give up. The real question is “what if I fail before my idea fails?”

How soon will I achieve success? Firstly you will need to commit to working UNTIL you have achieved success.

The title of this article suggests that you can be successful in 90 days, so let me unpack that thought for you.

Should I only work for 90 Days? Yes, working 18 Hours a Day for 90 Days = 1620 Hours, being that focused will certainly get you onto the road to success much quicker and in some cases it is sufficient to set yourself up for real success in the future.

You may say I want success, but 18 Hours a Day is Unreasonable – Really? Then I am going to be honest and say your desire to be successful is not deep enough. Would you rather like to work 3 hours a day and achieve 1620 in 540 Days (2 Years). I know 540 days is not 2 years but if you going to find one excuse then you will find more excuses and you will probably end up achieving 1620 hours in 4 years.  If you are unsure about why hours are important, read the following articles The 10,000 Hour Principle and The secret of Excellence = Consistency

Consistency is part and parcel of success, work as many hours as you can at the start and you may be able to rest a little later on, otherwise you may just find yourself working every day and never reaping much of the rewards.

My approach to business has always been to work hard, extremely hard, at the start so that I have the potential for reaping the rewards later.

For the benefit of people who are in the MLM Business I want to share a few ideas of what you should be doing in 90 days to set yourself up for potential success, and I am also sure many of these principles can be applied to whatever business you are involved with.

What to do in the 90 Days so that you have a better chance at success:

  1. Don’t waste time reading newspapers and watching the news or any form of television. These mediums are made to keep the unsuccessful masses busy.
  2. Educate yourself about the opportunity and watch as many videos about the business as possible, and then watch them over and over again. When you are able to give a better explanation than what is shared in the video, you could consider you have watched them enough.
  3. Do spend time sharing your opportunity with everyone you know. Do this quickly until you have exhausted your initial contacts, then go about adding new people to your list.
  4. Follow up with people who you have already contacted and answer their questions.
  5. Involve yourself with Social Media and get good at it, remember variety is the spice of life, so make sure you are posting a plenty of information and interesting articles.
  6. Be interested in people and what they are doing, try your best to be interested  in them instead of solely focussing on you being interesting.
  7. Be patient and polite, remember you will be tired from all the hours you will be working and you will need to develop extra emotional intelligence.
  8. Don’t forget to reward yourself, you are working hard and you need to be paid – draw some money and reward yourself. Even a simple cake and a coffee could be enough just to remind yourself of the success you have achieved.
  9. Help as many other people achieve success as possible, team work makes the dream work and the rising tide lifts all the ships.
  10. Set goals and measure your success. Keep records of your daily growth. I have found that when I have a down day, I can look at my records, be grateful for what I have already achieved and then set new goals for the future.


Remember that people will be watching you and they will gain their confidence from your achievements. Humble yourself when sharing your success with others and have empathy. Remember to try to align your success to their story as much as possible so that it will inspire them to go out and achieve some success for themselves.

Set an example others can follow, sometimes that example is extreme like the 18 hours a day. They may not understand all the principles now, but they will certainly have something they can try to emulate, that is what leadership is about.

Whatever you decide to do, be happy with what you are doing and it will never really feel like hard work.

I wish you the best in your endeavours in achieving success.

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Do not sell your Bitcoin

maxresdefaultIf you have Bitcoin do not sell it, there are 21 Million reasons why!

If you don’t have Bitcoin yet perhaps you need to read my article Why you need to own 0,02 Bitcoin

Do research before doing anything, but don’t be the person who says ‘I wanted to’ or ‘I meant to’ – you can honestly not afford to say that.

Image courtesy of TechCashHouse – Best Bitcoin, Stock News and original video can be viewed at DO NOT SELL BITCOIN NOW, It Could BE YOUR WORST DECISION EVER – $50K BTC And MORE COMING In NO TIME!
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Soft Skills Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates and Barack Obama Say is Crucial for Leadership

800px-Jeff_Bezos_at_Amazon_Spheres_Grand_Opening_in_Seattle_-_2018_39074799225By: Justine Rex Llanes       Original Post: https://developsoftskills.com/soft-skills-jeff-bezos-bill-gates-and-barack-obama-say-is-crucial-for-leadership/

Leadership is a fundamental “soft skill” to succeed in any organization. However, leadership is made up of different skill sets and facets.

Great leaders in their different organizations have their own interpretation of how leadership should be expressed. Nevertheless, all their insights make them great leaders in their field.

All these instruments are crucial and should be fundamentals to what a good leader should be.

Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates and Barack Obama are undoubtedly great leaders of the modern era. Their success in business and politics are products of their leadership.

Looking at their leadership styles and recommendations are invaluable gems in whatever field you want to excel be it in business, your professional career and even at home, these skills are crucial.

Let’s take a look at what insights and recommendations they have on leadership.

Jeff Bezos

Jeff Bezos has been a household name for a long time. His success (and failures) as captain of Amazon have been almost legendary and copied by other great institutions.

Amazon famously has its 14 Leadership Principles as part and cornerstone of the company. Interestingly, its fourth principle, “Be Right, A Lot”, is one of the most important according to Bezos.

Amazon’s fourth principle says that leaders should be right a lot. They should have strong judgment and good instincts. They should also seek diverse perspectives and work to disconfirm their beliefs.

Sounds easier said than done right? Well, it does. But according to Bezos, it is more than possible. Bezos said, “You’re not going to be right all the time, but I think with practice, you can be right more often.”

How does one do that? Again, let’s take it from the man himself, “People who are right a lot, they listen a lot, and people who are right a lot, change their mind a lot,”. 

It may be hard for most people as most people seek out information to support their already biased minds and beliefs. However, according to Bezos, “People who are right seek to dis-confirm their most profoundly held convictions, which is very unnatural for humans,” he said. “Humans mostly, as we go about life, we’re very selective in the evidence we let seep into us, and we like to observe the evidence that confirms our pre-existing beliefs.”.

So how does this work in the real world? Leaders with multiple viewpoints and clear understanding of the bigger picture, rather than having a narrow mindset increase the chance of them making the right and informed decision.

Let’s take a look at what this great leader has to say again. “Life is complicated, the world is complicated,” Bezos said. “Sometimes you get new data, and you change your mind. Sometimes you don’t get new data, and you just reanalyze the situation, and you realize it’s more complicated than you initially thought it was, and you change your mind.”

Need I say more? Let’s move on.

Bill Gates

Another household name. His accomplishments and philanthropy often overshadow how great of a leader he is. But what makes him a great leader, you asked? Well, according to Gates, there is one simple habit that separates successful leaders from everyone else. I’ll let the co-founder of Microsoft say it all:

“As we look ahead into the next century, leaders will be those who empower others.”

This quote by Bill Gates is counterintuitive on what most of us understand about traditional leadership. It is not about being a “Big Boss” who merely gives orders and uses their authority to drive fear and produce results.

People tend to look up to leaders who inspire them, not feared by them. Leaders who include everyone and letting them know that they matter. Leaders gather light so that they can scatter it.

Barack Obama

He is considered to be one of the best orators of recent history. Barack Obama has mobilized the people of all races and creeds. His leadership pulled the American people from crisis after crisis.

According to him, one of the greatest and most underrated leadership skills is being an effective communicator.

Now let’s say you have as a leader, created the best mission and vision statement to your organization, it is specific, timely and actionable. However, you lack the leadership skills of being able to get your message across to your people. It sounds like an impending disaster regardless of the mission/vision statement.

Barack Obama’s skill as an effective communicator can be summarized into 3 key takeaways.

  1. Connect. Effective communication means that your audience can be able to relate to what is being communicated. Be personal, relatable and hit close to home. Your audience should be able to know what’s in it for them or why they are affected so that they would take action.
  2. Openness. Obama has been known to reach across the aisle, between the Republicans and the Democrats. The reason for this is his openness to listen and to sincerely hear what both sides have to say. Being open to all sorts of viewpoints and opinions makes a leader more informed and better at making big decisions.
  3. Inspire. It is the idea of filling someone with the urge or ability to do or feel something, especially to do something creative. Obama does this by having and showing conviction not only in his speeches but also in his actions. During times of crisis, he maintains his composure, showing the people his courage under fire. All leaders should aspire to be the same.

Bringing It All Together

Now, there are a million skills, interpretations, and styles of what a great leader should be. But if I were to get lessons on great leadership, I would look up to those who inspire and have done something greater than themselves.

Jeff Bezos’s open-mindedness makes him a great leader by having many viewpoints and can see the bigger picture with clarity. This makes his decision making more chances of being right.

Empowering and inspiring others is what makes him and his institution great. With his leadership, he is able to bring people closer to his organization’s goals.

Recommended Resources

Below are additional resources and online courses to further improve your leadership skills based on the insights of the great leaders above.

Openness – Acumen Presents: Al Pittampalli on Open-Mindedness – Gain the power of persuadable leadership and learn to open your mind to new ideas

Empowerment – Empower others to create enlightened relationships by conducting group life coaching through relationship workshops

Effective Communication – Mastering Effective Communication

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