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Comfort Zones are not comfortable

Our comfort zones are where we deceive ourselves, and in our comfort zones nothing grows. Comfort zones are free of criticism, challenges and anything that will actually stretch us. We can only grow when we are challenged, criticized and experience … Continue reading

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What is Critical Thinking & How Do You Improve It?

Originally posted on Ideas Out There:
  What is Critical Thinking? In a nutshell, critical thinking is not believing anything… unless the evidence for it is sound. Encoded in this definition are three elements: A sustained skeptical attitude towards the…

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Thinking – 10 Disruptive Possibilities

You may have heard the saying … “You are paid to think, you are not paid to work”. If you think you are paid to work, there is a good possibility you work for the wrong organisation, or if you … Continue reading

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Questions – Critical to Success

How do we begin to ask better questions? Listening is the key to asking questions that will disrupt the thoughts of others. What have they said, do you understand what they have said or do you need to ask more … Continue reading

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Tele-sales … All the components of a Bad Sale!

Honesty, integrity and trust … If you are expecting any of those from a tele-sales consultant, then you have extremely high expectations. Life is about relationships and you can only have a good relationship if honesty, integrity and trust are … Continue reading

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