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Demand or Wait for Service?

Have you ever been at a restaurant or coffee shop when the staff have simply not seen you or are so busy serving other patrons that they just don’t serve you? When I speak or run a training session in … Continue reading

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Facial recognition and responsibility go hand in hand

by Marina Caenazzo Camatica is the South Africa-based leader in facial recognition and has a product to suit most uses. AI (Artificial Intelligence) in the form of smart storefront cameras take CRM (Customer Relationship Management) to the next level. Facial … Continue reading

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The value of Word of Mouth

Your opinion matters and you will often get asked if you can recommend a product, service or restaurant for example. The reason this happens is that we have many options and we would rather try something that is recommended, rather … Continue reading

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Social Media … Changes and Awakenings in the Customer Relationship

Social Media is an ever-changing landscape, however if your strategy is not yet determined, or if you have not updated your strategy in the past month, then here are a few points to consider. Is your focus on engagement and … Continue reading

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When do we KISS?

Your first reaction to the headline of this article may have been … What is this? Why would I need to read this? After all, there is a good chance you are in a relationship and possibly you are even … Continue reading

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Inside The Customers Head #BeatsByDre

Part of my consulting work is to anticipate and work with customer behaviour, most times my clients have difficulty understanding their customers so I thought it best to give you an real life glimpse into the head of a customer. … Continue reading

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