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Murphy vs Maxwell

Murphy’s law states: Everything takes longer than you expect and if anything can go wrong it will. Maxwell’s law states: Nothing is as hard as it looks, everything is more rewarding than you expect and when things go right they … Continue reading

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As a Return on Investment (ROI) when is 10% better than 15%?

You’re offered 2 investment options both starting with $500 – the first offers a 15% return and after 6 months of your contract, you have $450. The second option only offers 10% for 5 months which is a total of … Continue reading

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Everyone Has a Story in Life

Author: Unknown A 24-year-old boy looking out from the train’s window shouted… “Dad, look the trees are going behind!” Dad smiled, and a young couple sitting nearby looked at the 24-year old’s childish behaviour with pity. Suddenly he again exclaimed… … Continue reading

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The value of Word of Mouth

Your opinion matters and you will often get asked if you can recommend a product, service or restaurant for example. The reason this happens is that we have many options and we would rather try something that is recommended, rather … Continue reading

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Learn to Travel – Travel to Learn

Travel has a different meaning for everyone but have you ever considered what it means to you? It has been said that we are either running from something or we are finding something. Our origins are as hunter-gatherers, and it … Continue reading

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4 Steps to better Social Media Marketing

Social media has changed the way we communicate and has definitely made communication more informal. Communicating well and receiving the impact you are looking for depends on four key factors: Leadership – this is the one business ‘idea’ are you … Continue reading

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Marketing – CONTENT Engagement, Entertainment and Experience

Content marketing is a hot topic and much energy is spent on this topic, it gets included into the predictions for the future and that creates hype and confusion amongst communicators and strategists not only in the social media space … Continue reading

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