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Leader of the Future (Part 1) – The Visionary

When we think of the current state of leadership, we will probably all agree that leadership needs a change more than anything in our world today and I have ranted about this in previous articles. I encourage you to read Why … Continue reading

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Book Review : Together is Better by Simon Sinek

This is more than a little book of inspiration, this book is an insight into how we understand people, what motivates and ultimately moves them. Allow Simon Sinek to change your perceptions of what leadership is … As he says … Continue reading

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Toxic Leadership – The Global Reality

I recently read my friend Adriaan Groenewald’s article Actively Ridding Society Of Toxic Leaders, and I cannot agree more that we have a great deal of Toxic Leadership in our society. But I have a question … Where did these leaders … Continue reading

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The Power of Vulnerability

When we think about being vulnerable, we generally think weakness. Yet what we all need to discover is the extreme power that lies in vulnerability. In fact, vulnerability can be so powerful that it could even be regarded as a … Continue reading

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Book Writers and Bloggers

It has been said that everyone has a book inside them. Will you write your first book and will I write another book? Let’s try to understand why people write books. Having a published book gives you a certain credibility, and … Continue reading

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Doing the iMPOSSIBLE to change lives

I have an amazing friend who is driven by passion, his name is Chris Bertish. Chris has done more in his life than many of us would hope to do if we were given five lifetimes. Chris won the Mavericks … Continue reading

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Our Relationship with Disruption

Some of you may have heard this statement before ‘Life is Relationship’ and the more we understand this, the better we can potentially live our lives. The initial idea that we are social beings created for community living suggests that … Continue reading

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The Leadership Question

What question would you ask a leader? Would you ask any of the following questions … Why is there such a shortage of leaders? Why don’t we see examples that we can truly follow in the leaders around us? Why are leaders corrupt? … Continue reading

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Conscious Awareness or EQ

A very well spoken gentleman once used the words ‘Conscious Awareness’ when I was discussing the subject of Emotional Intelligence with him. I have pondered these words for a long time as I know the power words can have. Let’s have a look … Continue reading

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Oh NO, not more ineffective Leadership Development

Connecting is not only a personal issue. Leadership development has failed us over the years, (this is not my opinion, this is honest fact), probably because many view leadership as an advanced management system. A young graduate once asked his … Continue reading

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