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Communication in Relationships

There is no perfect communication, just as much as there are no perfect relationships. Together you need make the communication you share as effective as you possibly can. Effective communication happens not just when we talk, but when actual conversations … Continue reading

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Why the WHY – Vision for your Future

Why is WHY so important? Surely the how, and the actions we do to get things done, is more productive than thinking about Why we are doing what we are doing? We have all heard it said that actions speak … Continue reading

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Disruptively Reliable Leadership

In a world where we are constantly looking for shortcuts and time-saving solutions we often lose our effectiveness due to one simple reason; the lack of focus. When we lose focus, we lose effectiveness and once we have lost effectiveness we … Continue reading

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What is your Intention?

If your intention in any relationship is centred only around what you can get out of it – then that relationship will not be healthy, and nor will it last. We should, instead, be asking what we can do for … Continue reading

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5 Night Plan – A guide to strong and grounded relationships.

Many books written for relationships try to give you a complete toolbox, the 5 Night Plan gives you one simple and effective tool to improve the communication within the relationship. This book will provide readers with: A stepping stone to … Continue reading

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