Talks / Facilitation & Consulting

In my talks I focus on three main areas, namely:

Leadership – Open Leadership – as leaders we need to be ‘Random, Open and Supportive’ as opposed to the traditional ‘Closed, Selective and Controlling’ styles that we see every day.

Negotiation Code – Everything we do in life is manipulation, therefore the potential for conflict is high. How to deal with conflict at home and work – This is aimed at everyone, but is particularly useful in the corporate environment where anyone who has to deal with customers or subordinates and bosses can benefit from this intervention, which is the practical side of Emotional Intelligence.

Social Media – Understanding, Training and Strategy. Using the main platforms namely FaceBook, Twitter, LinkedIn and the one that is neglected by too many – YouTube.

open leadership_light2Most training available consists of a facilitator sharing someone else’s theory with you. I am of the opinion that is only wasting your time and money. My workshops and talks are from personal and actual experience gained doing the real work. This makes my talks and training more heartfelt and authentic than most of the other offerings available.

As a Business Inspirational Speaker, my talks and workshops empower companies to focus on equipping leaders and staff with inspired insight, increased Emotional Intelligence, social communication skills and practical knowledge – with successfully measurable results.

As a Motivational Speaker, I tap into a company’s culture, goals and objectives — and then work them into a strategy which is based on natural human behaviour. i.e. the plan will work with people’s natural behaviour – and doesn’t radically try to force change. In my talks, I model good communication by communicating in a way that makes natural sense to those to whom I am talking. This is the quickest (and most enjoyable!) way to achieve understanding and buy-in from your employees.

ONE SIZE does not fit all:

You, just like your business is {you} nique and with this understanding in mind, I’d like to meet with you and discuss how I can provide you with a tailor-made speaking, facilitation, training or consulting solution that is perfect for you.

For more information please contact me and I will send you a detailed synopsis of the talks and services I am able to offer, including my OPEN Leadership Talk

3 Responses to Talks / Facilitation & Consulting

  1. I need more of this! Thank you Rich


  2. Dirk Coetzee says:

    Hi Rich if I have an account with MTI why can`t I EFT ZAR into that account to the value of $100 to $200. Why is it necessary to work through a Bitcoin Exchange Company. I don`t find any trustworthy ones. After all MTI is a South African Company and should be able to cut out the BTC Exchange Firms dealing with directly with your customers/investors. MTI can still convert ZAR to BTC when trading with a lump sum. The fact is that If I have to work through a BTC firm it causes to many loopholes to watch out for


    • Hi Dirk, I would agree with you fully if MTI was using ZAR as a base currency. However, all the trading is done with Bitcoin and the reason for this is simple, in MTI your Bitcoin is growing and not Dollars or Rands. This way as the Bitcoin price goes up and it is expected to go up 50-100% before May 2020, then so too does the value of your membership with MTI.

      Dirk, you refer to Loopholes with BTC Firms and yes some of the American based firms (won’t mention names are dodgy), you can deal directly with individual Bitcoin traders on a platform like, thereby speeding the process and cutting out the red tape associated with these firms.

      Dirk, you are welcome to contact me directly on WhatsApp +27824131604


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